Internal Security Division

Steve Hargrave
Assistant Director - Internal Security Division

The Office of Law Enforcement and Security Internal Security Division maintains the physical security of the Department of the Interior Main Interior Building (MIB) and affiliated grounds. 

The Division supports special high-level VIP events; controls patron access to the Child Care center; supports the US Park Police security detail assigned to the Secretary of the Interior; and provides oversight for all security related matters at the MIB. 

Also, the Internal Security Division conducts investigations in conjunction with Federal Protective Services, manages crowd control when protesters are present, and performs vital coordination and information sharing with other nearby Federal agencies (OPM, DHS/FPS, USSS, GSA, and the Federal Reserve Board).

The Internal Security Division manages the deployment of CCTV devices, the MIB Intrusion Detection System (IDS), the Emergency Notification System for Public Areas, and supports the Office of Facilities and Administrative Services  during Continuity of Operations (COOP) conditions. 

Additionally, the Division provides critical occupant services including oversight of MIB access, operation of a USAccess Credentialing Center (MIB Room 1320), management of the MIB key control system, supervision of Security Guard services, and administration of the MIB Occupant Emergency Plan.

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