Intelligence Division

Chris Riemer
Assistant Director (Acting) - Intelligence Division

The Intelligence Division is managed by an Assistant Director who is designated as the
Federal Senior Intelligence Coordinator (FSIC), serving as the primary liaison between
the Department and the Intelligence Community (IC). The Intelligence
Division also serves as the Federal Intelligence Coordinating Office responsible for
coordinating with the IC to support policy makers and other intelligence customers
within the Department. The Intelligence Division establishes and disseminates
intelligence policy and coordinates the development of bureau and offices programs
related to intelligence, and information sharing. In addition, the Division directs the
sharing of law enforcement, sensitive, and classified intelligence information among
bureaus and offices, departments and agencies, and other organizations.

The Division's Counterintelligence/Insider Threat Program was established under
Executive Order 13587 to deter, detect, and mitigate insider threats, including the
safeguarding of classified information from exploitation, compromise, or
other unauthorized disclosures. The Counterintelligence/Insider Threat
Program disseminates counterintelligence, insider threat, operational security, foreign
access management, and foreign contact and travel policy within the Department, as well
as performing inquiries and investigations pertaining to counterintelligence and insider
threat anomalies, and other related matters. The Division includes a criminal
investigator assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation‘s National Joint Terrorism
Task Force (NJTTF) as the Department’s Threat Coordinator, representing the
Department on all domestic and international counter-terrorism related matters.

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