Oil Sill and Hazardous Substances Release Response Programs

National Spill Response Programs 

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are the designated Federal lead agencies for preparing for, and responding to, oil spills. DOI fulfills a substantial support role to these agencies for preparedness and response. Additionally, numerous Federal laws and regulations define DOI responsibilities for protecting the Nation’s natural and cultural resources, managing Federal lands and waters, providing technical expertise and assistance, and serving as a Trustee for Native Americans.


DOI Departmental Policies and Manuals related to Oil Spill and Hazardous Substance Release Emergency Response

DOI Environmental Safeguards Plan

  The Department’s Environmental Safeguards Plan for All-Hazards Emergencies provides guidance and direction to DOI Bureaus and Offices in carrying out the DOI prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery responsibilities to protect natural and cultural resources and historic properties, and DOI lands, resources, and other environmental interests.  The DOI Environmental Safeguards Plan includes the responsibilities and policies of the Department, Bureaus, and Offices for oil spill and hazardous substances releases.

Each DOI Bureau and Office is required to develop and implement its own Environmental Safeguards Plan 


Departmental Manual

Part 910, Chapter 4 of the DOI Departmental Manual prescribes Departmental policy, functions and responsibilities for responding to discharges of oil and releases of hazardous substances pursuant to the NCP.

Additional information on NRT, NCP and Links to USCG and EPA Oil Spill Pages:


DOI Roles and Responsibilites

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