Environmental Safeguards Group

The role of the Department of the Interior (Department) Environmental Safeguards Group (ESG) is to coordinate implementation of the Department Environmental Safeguards Plan for All-Hazards Emergencies (DOI ES Plan).

The DOI Environmental Safeguards Plan for All-Hazards Emergencies (DOI ES Plan) was established to provide guidance and direction to DOI Offices and Bureaus in carrying out DOI’s prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery responsibilities. 

Members of the ESG represent the wide array of capabilities and expertise that can be found across the DOI.  Members typically are subject matter experts in their fields related to natural and cultural resource management or have experience with responding to oil spills and hazardous material releases.  The responsibilities of ESG members are to undertake the appropriate preparedness, planning, and response activities to protect these resources during all types of emergencies. 

Environmental Safeguards Plan

The various DOI Bureaus that participate in the ESG and links to their work are available to visit below:

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