Review of Non-Interior Actions

The Environmental Review Database is used to track and distribute external Federal agency environmental documents for Departmental review. OEPC coordinates reviews based upon the Department's jurisdiction by law or special expertise and then provides the Departmental response to Federal agencies.

Requirements for Submitting Non-Interior Environmental Documents for Department of the Interior Review

The Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance (OEPC) provides guidance and resources to Interior bureaus and offices on reviewing non-Interior actions through it’s Environmental Memoranda series, along with other guidance documents.  The following documents provide information on the Department’s review of external agencies’ environmental documents.

Overall Guidance on Reviewing Non-Interior Actions

  • ERM 10-1:  Electronic Distribution of Environmental Review Assignments
  • ERM 10-2:  Procedures for Reviewing Project and Environmental Reports Prepared by or for Non-Federal Agencies
  • ERM 10-10:  Improving Environmental Review Assignment Comments

License Proceedings through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act

Referrals to the Council on Environmental Quality

  • ERM 10-8:  Guidance on Referrals to CEQ of Proposed Federal Actions Found to be Environmentally Unsatisfactory

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