The Passport and Visa Division of the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) assists employees in obtaining official passports and visas required for undertaking international travel on behalf of the U.S. government. The Division coordinates with foreign embassies and the Department of State to ensure that DOI employees have all the necessary documents to successfully complete their travel. Additionally, in conformance with Department of State policy and guidance, the OIA Passport and Visa Division securely maintains and stores official passports until needed for official foreign travel. (Note: employees at the Bureau of Reclamation and USGS are assisted by passport agents in their own bureaus.  All other DOI employees are supported by the OIA Passports and Visas Division).

Please be aware that both DOI and State Department policy require that DOI employees use an official passport when undertaking international travel because it signifies that the bearer is traveling abroad on official government business. In an emergency or crisis situation, a government employee carrying an official passport will receive quicker access and priority treatment from both the U.S. embassy and the foreign government. 

To obtain a passport or visa, please complete this online form as soon as you know you will need to travel internationally.  Alternatively, you may make an appointment for an in-person or phone consultation using the below icons. Please note that it will take up to eight weeks to obtain an official passport from the Department of State, and up to two weeks to obtain each visa from foreign governments.


1) Provide the information requested on the Official Passport and Visa Request Form and securely fax or mail it along with a draft DI-1175 form, travel authorization, or similar information, to the OIA Passport and Visa Division (at least eight weeks prior to the departure date)

2) Within two business days, the OIA Passport and Visa Division will provide the traveler with the necessary guidance and instructions to apply for an official passport and/or visa, based on the traveler’s employment status and destination(s), among other factors.

Please note:

  • Travelers seeking to obtain official passports will need to submit a current SF 50 and two passport photos with their application, and those who need visas may need an additional two to four passport photos for each visa application.
  • It may take six to eight weeks to obtain an official passport and up to two weeks for each visa once all completed applications are submitted by the traveler to the Passports and Visas Division.
  • Any completed applications submitted less than six weeks before departure for an official passport and/or less than two weeks for each visa will need to be accompanied by a justification memo provided to the Director of the Office of International Affairs, explaining the urgency of the pending travel.  Even with this memo, please be advised that it might not be possible to process the official passport and/or visa for the traveler in the timeframe they seek.

The OIA Passport and Visa Division recognizes there may be instances where DOI employees may need to temporarily store their official passport in their own office according to safekeeping protocolsFor those DOI employees who wish to obtain such permission, please complete a Passport Safekeeping Memo to document the need and forward it to the OIA Passports and Visas Division

Important Note: For each official trip, an approved Travel Authorization (or DI-1175) must be provided as soon as possible to the Passport and Visa Division prior to travel departure. This documentation will be added to the employee's file folder.

When not in use for official travel, the official passport must always be securely stored in either a locked fireproof file cabinet or in a fireproof safe located in a locked Department or Bureau office. Once the period of frequent or emergency foreign travel has been completed, the employee must return the official passport to the OIA Passport and Visa Division within two weeks.


Official Passport and Visa Request Form
DI-1175 form
Passport Safekeeping Memo
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