Improving Real Property Assets with GAOA LRF

The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National Park Service (NPS), and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) collectively manage over 125,000 real property assets ranging from visitor centers, camp sites, trails, water and wastewater treatment facilities, roadways, parking lots, employee housing, monuments, and many more. The first four years of Great American Outdoors Act National Parks and Public Land Legacy Restoration Fund (GAOA LRF) will improve the condition of more than 3,000 unique assets, or more than 2.4 percent of the total asset portfolio for these bureaus. In total, these projects are expected to address more than $4.8 billion in deferred maintenance and repair needs across the U.S. These investments are essential to the ability of the Department of the Interior’s (Interior) bureaus to safely execute their missions on public lands and BIE-funded schools.

Due to the breadth and variety of asset types that Interior is improving with GAOA LRF, Interior has grouped the thousands of assets into seven broad use categories, defined below.

Icon of a hiker with backpack and walking stick

Recreational and Visitor Experience Assets

Assets that serve a recreational function including campgrounds, visitor lodging, trails and boardwalks, scenic railways, visitor and education centers, monuments, museums, and historic structures and buildings.

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Water Infrastructure and Other Utilities

Structures including dams and levees; drinking water and wastewater systems; and communications, power, and other essential utility infrastructure, excluding transportation assets.

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Operational Buildings

Buildings which support operations and functions, such as offices, warehouses, maintenance shops, barns, and fire stations.

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Transportation Assets

Assets that support transportation including paved and unpaved roads, bridges, parking lots, and tunnels.

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Housing Assets

Employee Housing Program assets including residential structures, barracks, dormitories, and related support buildings (e.g., detached garages, laundry buildings).

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BIE Schools and Related Assets

BIE schools and other BIE assets fundamental to school operations, such as educational buildings.

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All Other Assets

Assets that do not fit into another category but support mission delivery.


GAOA LRF enables Interior to fund projects that repair, replace, or demolish assets to improve safety, visitor experience, and accessibility; protect wildlife and the natural environment; and preserve the nation’s most important natural and cultural resources for current and future generations.

Distribution of Assets Improved

 The graphic below shows the distribution of GAOA LRF project assets in each use category. Click here to download the data in Excel format. 

Color coded pie chart depicting the percent of GAOA LRF assets in each asset use category

  • This graphic depicts asset data on FY21 – FY24 GAOA LRF projects, updated as of September 30, 2023.
  • Visualization excludes assets that are not in the FY23 Federal Real Property Profile public data set.

GAOA LRF Asset Spotlights

Light colored wooden boardwalk extends over a green grassy field with lush green trees in the background

Boardwalk along the Battle Road Trail in Minute Man National Historical Park that will be repaired with GAOA LRF funding. Photo Credit: NPS 

Large gray cylindrical water storage tank with lush green and yellow trees in the background

Contractor repairs 40,000-gallon drinking water storage tank at Loon Lake Recreation Area as part of a GAOA LRF funded project. Photo Credit: BLM 


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