GAOA LRF by the Numbers

Statistics below reflect funded projects from fiscal years (FYs) 2021-2024. Funding from FY 2021 – 2024 of the Great American Outdoors Act National Parks and Public Land Legacy Restoration Fund (GAOA LRF) will improve more than 3,000 Department of the Interior assets throughout the country.  These asset repairs address safety concerns and will improve the visitor, volunteer, and employee experiences on our public lands.   

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A two-story brown wooden house, surrounded by pine trees with a black truck parked in front.

A dark green box with the white text: “300+ Housing Buildings for Employees, Volunteers, and Teachers”

Two people stand looking out of a giant window with mountains in the distance, behind a display of fake animals.

A dark green box with the white text: “1,400+ Visitor-Facing Assets Repaired”


A green box with the white text: “2,200+ Students & Faculty Use and Rely on Improved BIE-Funded Schools Each Year”

A blue, one-story building with a white roof and green grass sits under a blue sky.

A green box with the white text: “300+ Trails, Campgrounds, & Recreation Sites Improved”

A concrete picnic table sits in front of a long stretch of dessert prairie, with mountain clouds in the blue background.

An L shaped wooden pier with a square wooden covering sits on a lake.

A light green box with the white text: “Over 50% of Projects Improve ADA Accessibility”.

A concrete path with a green fence leads up to a cylindrical building, that sits next to a white, rectangular building.

A light green box with the white text: “100+ Upgrades to Drinking Water Infrastructure”.








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