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GAOA Project Data

Exploring GAOA Projects

Explore the 222 projects currently funded by the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) Legacy Restoration Fund (LRF) using the tools below and see how GAOA is making an impact across the country. These projects and associated activities are located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and multiple U.S. territories, and will address priority deferred maintenance and repair needs at national parks, national wildlife refuges, and on other public lands, and Bureau of Indian Education-funded schools.

GAOA Project Map

Click a pinpoint on the map to learn more about the first two years of GAOA-funded projects at that location. Hover over each pinpoint for a preview. Filter projects by Bureau, State or Territory, Project Name, Station or Unit Name, and Project Type.
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GAOA Project Table

Filter projects by Bureau, State or Territory, Project Name, Station or Unit Name, or Project Type. Sort the projects by clicking the A-to-Z icon within the columns.
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*Project Table does not currently include individual LRF-funded Maintenance Action Team (MAT) activities. The table will be updated as these activities are completed.


Bar graph showing percent of GAOA assets by asset category for all assets being improved by GAOA projects.
Protecting Interior’s Assets

To support its mission, the Department of the Interior owns and manages thousands of assets, which are defined as anything that has been constructed on public lands and waters. With the first two years of funding, bureaus are using GAOA funding to address deferred maintenance and repairs on 1,590 assets across the country on public lands and at Bureau of Indian Education funded schools. These assets are divided into seven broad categories: Recreational Assets, Mission Support and Administrative Assets, Housing, Transportation Assets, Schools & Associated Buildings, Non-Transportation Infrastructure, and All Other Assets. Learn more about these asset categories on the Projects page.


GAOA Dollars Out the Door

GAOA dollars are already hard at work updating buildings, improving BIE-funded schools, repairing roads, and creating more access to recreational opportunities. The total obligated GAOA funding represents the total amount the government has agreed to pay for LRF projects and activities. A signed contract, services performed by employees, and placing an order for goods are examples of obligations because it requires the government to make a payment
immediately or in the future.

Total Obligated GAOA Funding as of March 31, 2022: $824,569,880


Project Data Sheets

The Project Data Sheets provide descriptions and data for each funded GAOA project.

In the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 President’s Budget, the Department of the Interior proposed 63 projects across 37 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories. 


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