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All Hazard Responders

As part of our mission, DOI employees are involved in a broad range of activities to respond to and recover from emergencies on Federal lands and in support of the Nation in times of crisis.  DOI employees are the Department's greatest asset when it comes to responding during emergencies and are often called upon to assist in response and recovery activities.  To ensure we are prepared, the Office of Emergency Management issued a "National Incident Management System (NIMS) Compliance Policy" and an "All-Hazards Incident Management Staffing Policy" to make certain our employees are appropriately trained and ready to respond.


Interested in becoming an emergency responder for the Department?  Check with your Bureau or Office Emergency Coordinator and take these basic Incident Command System (ICS) courses:

  • Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS-100.b)
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS): An Introduction (IS-700.a)

DOI Sponsored, Advanced ICS Training

Advanced Incident Command System (ICS) courses are offered by the Office of Emergency Management throughout the year.

The course, H-337: Command and General Staff Functions for Local Incident Management Teams, covers ICS-300 and ICS-400 training requirements.  It provides training for DOI employees who may serve on local incident management teams in command and general staff positions, which may involve a large number of local and/or mutual aid resources.  This course ensures that DOI meets the requirement to respond to emergencies using NIMS standards.

Other Training Sources

Getting Involved

For additional information about training opportunities and getting involved with DOI emergency response efforts, please contact us


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