Wasatch County Water Efficiency Project (WCWEP)

The Wasatch County Water Efficiency Project (WCWEP) and the associated Daniels Replacement Project were authorized under three sections of the Central Utah Project Completion Act (CUPCA): Section 202(a)(3), Section 207, and Section 303(b)(3). Section 303 of CUPCA mandates the termination of transbasin diversions from the Strawberry River basin to the Daniels Creek drainage. Section 303 also mandates that a water supply be provided to replace the water which no longer will be diverted by the Daniel Irrigation Company (DIC) from the Strawberry River basin. Further, sections 202(a)(3) and 207 of CUPCA authorized the construction of WCWEP which provides a source of conserved water provided by the Central Utah Water Conservancy District to replace DIC diversions under section 303(b)(4)(D).

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