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Is the Discovery Workshop Required to Participate on the GIS Task Order?

No. A potential customer that can furnish a fairly comprehensive Statement of Work (SOW) that details the business and technical project requirements and solution, will likely not need the support from a Discovery Workshop

What is a Discovery Workshop?

This is an opportunity for program teams to meet with a Cloud Architect who is able to assist them with preparing and planning the installation or move of GIS applications to a FedRAMP approved cloud infrastructure.

What is the Length of the Discovery Workshop?

Discovery workshops are scheduled for up to four (4) hours, but may involve more than one session. The actual length of time is unique and can better be determined after a brief interview with the potential customer.  

Where is the Discovery Workshop Conducted?

If potential customers and programs are local to the Architecture team, they will travel to your location to complete the workshop in person. Otherwise, workshops are conducted by way of teleconferencing.

What is the Cost of a Discovery Workshop?

The average cost for a four-hour session with an AWS Architect, including the deliverable of an Architectural diagram and deployable solution is approximately $1,900. The actual cost will depend upon the approved workshop agenda, which is completed after a customer interview. The interview will ascertain a high-level understanding of the business and technical objectives, which can be used to create the workshop agenda.  

What is a Typical Agenda for the Discovery Workshop?

Agenda’s will depend upon the nature of the program objectives, scope of the desired solution and the program’s awareness of AWS products and solutions for the Foundation Cloud Hosting Services (FCHS) Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) platform.

How Can I Arrange for a Discovery Workshop?

A Discover Workshop may be requested and setup through the DOI GIS Program Team or by sending an email to servicedesk@geoplatform.gov. Once the DOI GIS Program Team has processed the Discovery Workshop request, GTRI (Global Technology Resources, Inc.), will make the actual arrangements to conduct the workshop.

Who is Zivaro formerly GTRI?

Zivaro (formerly Global Technology Resources, Inc.) is the company that was awarded the GIS enterprise Task Order under the DOI Foundation Cloud Hosting Services program.


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