Public Lands Accessibility

A visitor to Mammoth Cave National Park engages the wayside exhibit at the Green River Ferry Overlook along the Echo River Springs Trail.

For our public lands to represent the best of us, they must welcome all of us.  The Department of the Interior is committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the experiences offered by America’s public lands, such as National Parks and Wildlife Refuges. This means removing barriers and providing reasonable modifications for people with disabilities.  Throughout our public lands, projects have been completed and efforts are underway to provide tactile experiences and alternative formats for people who are blind or low vision.  Captioning and assistive listening systems are being included for people who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing and accessible routes and features for those with mobility disabilities are being provided.

We encourage people with disabilities to learn more about the accessible opportunities available on public lands and to plan for their visits by reviewing the websites dedicated to accessibility that are provided by our bureaus.

Visit our bureaus' website pages and find out how to better plan your visit to your public lands.


To contact the Public Civil Rights Division at the Department of the Interior, please email

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