Law Collection

The Law Collection is an integral part of the Interior Library. It consists of United States Reports; Federal and regional reporters, selected state, territorial, and tribal codes; legal treatises; Interior legal and administrative material; legislative history materials; and legal periodicals. Particular emphasis is on material pertaining to the environment, Native Americans, and administrative law. These legal research tools are available in print, microform and CD-ROM.

Reference librarians, including a Law Librarian, are available to assist with legal research and to explain library policies.

DOI Law Library

Federal Digital System (FDsys)

FDsys is:

A  Content Management System
FDsys provides free online access to official Federal Government publications and securely controls digital content throughout its lifecycle to ensure content integrity and authenticity.

A  Preservation Repository
The repository guarantees long-term preservation and access to digital Government content. To meet this critical need for permanent access to Federal Government information, FDsys follows archival system standards.

An  Advanced Search Engine
FDsys combines modern search technology with extensive metadata creation to ensure the highest quality search experience.

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