Tools for DOI Employees

Top Ten Tips for Streamlining NEPA:  Secretarial Order 3355 requirements to complete NEPA reviews within timeframes and page limits require some changes from the way these reviews have been done in the past.  Follow this link for some tips and tools to successfully meet these new challenges.

NEPA and Permit Tracking Database (For DOI Employees Only):  All Interior employees on the Department’s network can search for projects and see project summaries that have been entered into the NEPA and Permit Tracking Database.  If you are a designated administrator for a bureau/office, please refer to the guidance below for entering and editing project information.

  • ERM 10-09:  Entering Information into the Department National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Permit Tracking Database

Categorical Exclusions:  This document includes all DOI Categorical Exclusions (CEs), including CEs that are used by bureaus and offices.  The Department’s CEs are available for use by all bureaus and offices within the Department.  Bureau and office CEs are only used by that specific bureau or office.  All CEs are evaluated against the DOI’s extraordinary circumstances.  Find other requirements and guidance for DOI actions.

Environmental Review Assignment Distribution System (For DOI Employees Only):  OEPC’s Environmental Review (ER) Team manages the ER Assignment Distribution System (System).  The ER System is used to track and distribute external federal agency environmental documents for DOI review.  OEPC coordinates reviews based upon the Department's jurisdiction by law or special expertise, and then provides the DOI response to federal agencies.

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