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Team FCG

Team FCG is staffed with career Federal leaders who have extensive experience in managing major programs and working with senior leadership to acquire the right services to achieve your organizational goals.

Our career federal leaders and consultants stay current with the latest management practices to help you meet your organizational challenges. Have a specific question or concern? Please, don't hesitate to contact a member of Team FCG directly or contact us.

Coaching Services

Fei Cheng

Project Manager

Phone: 202-794-2904

Sonia Stines Derenoncourt

Project Manager

Phone: 202-748-3026

Performance Measurement & Satisfaction

Luciana Adams

Project Manager

Phone: 202-513-7679


Consulting Services

Doreen Vieira-Cross

Project Manager

Phone: 202-779-0418

Kekoahauoli Tinnel

Project Manager

Phone: 202-981-1565

Jeffrey Barrows

Project Manager

Phone: 202 725-8004


Third Party Investigations

Amethyst Taala

Project Manager

Phone: 202-934-2248

Jeffrey Barrows

Project Manager

Phone: 202-725-8004

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