Mandatory Trainings for Other Special Groups

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The tables below provide a basic listing of mandatory and regulatory training for Other Special Groups of employees and contractors such as training requirements for additional duties or requirements based on your job title. Note: Additional requirements may exist for your specific bureau that are not listed here.  Please contact your bureau level training offices or Human Resources office for more information.

Some trainings include hyperlinks. These are for Federal employees, contractors and other special groups that have access to our Learning Management System (LMS). Accessing the hyperlinks will require you to login.

There may not be hyperlinks for all the trainings. For trainings without hyperlinks, please contact the office listed. If no office is listed, please consult with your Supervisor.

Mandated Training for Other Special Groups



Information Management and Technology (IMT) Awareness (in DOI Talent for existing employees/contractors/)

Information Management and Technology Awareness Training (streaming version for new hires)



Contract Officer (CO) Training (NonDoD) 


Contract Technical Representative (COTR) or Contract Officer Representative (COR) 

As required to retain certification

DEO Annual Ethics Training (AET)

AET Required for Financial Disclosure Filers and Other Covered Employees Only

To determine if you require AET, please contact your Deputy Ethics Counselor  


Initial Fleet Card Training for Cardholders/Approving Officials

Every 3 years

Insider Threat Awareness Training  

Within 30 days of initial employment, EOD, or following the granting of access to classified information; Annually

Occupational Health and Safety Executive Order 12196; and 29 CFR 1960
Contact your Bureau Safety Office

Initially and Annually

Initial Purchase Card Training for Cardholders/Approving Officials
Purchase Card Training for A/OPCs

Every 3 years 

Role-Based Security Training (RBST)


Role-Based Privacy Training (RBPT)


Telework Training for Employees 

Before an employee can Telework

Transit Benefit Integrity Training (for those that use the transit benefit)


Initial Travel Card Training for Cardholders/Approving Officials
Travel Card Training for A/OPCs

Every 3 years 

Veteran Employment Training for Federal Hiring Managers and HR Professionals - Executive Order 13518, Sec 3(c) 

Initially and Annually


Updated 04/11/2023

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