External Learners

DOI Talent provides a limited number of licenses through Login.gov for external learners (Non-DOI affiliated private citizens) to login to DOI Talent. These accounts have limited access and are provided only for courses that are being offered to the general public by certain DOI bureaus. Once the requested course has been completed, access to the system will be removed.

These requests are managed by the bureau offering the training to this audience and is approved on a by-request basis.  All DOI affiliated personnel (Contractors, Partners, Interns, Volunteers, etc.) who want to access DOI Talent are expected to do so using their DOI-issued PIV card.  These are the instructions for external learners ONLY (Non-DOI affiliated) to log-in to DOI Talent. 

IMPORTANT!  DOI Talent uses two-factor authentication, in addition to an approved DOI Talent user account, you must establish an additional account in login.gov to access DOI Talent. (Additional instructions are provided upon approval.)

New Account Request Instructions:   
  • Access the new account request form here.
  • There are 3 sections to the form; you MUST complete ALL THREE sections and enter data into EVERY field. See specific instructions for several fields below, other fields are self-explanatory.
  • Your request will be denied if you fail to provide ALL requested information.
  • 'Username' field: insert your official email address. Please ensure that the spelling of your email address is correct in both the username and email address fields.  You will be required to verify your email.  This email should also be used when you establish your Login.gov account on that site.
  • The "Sponsoring Bureau" field: select the BUREAU that is offering the course you wish to attend.
  • The "Affiliation" field: select the option that most closely matches your situation.
  • The "Affiliate Org/Sponsor" field: indicate what agency you represent.
  • The "Comments" field: indicate the specific COURSE NAME and whether or not you've attended training with us before or have been affiliated with DOI in the past.
  • All account approvals are performed manually. We endeavor to respond to your request within 5 business days.

Returning External Learners:  

DOI routinely deactivates accounts that aren’t actively in use.  If you have attended training with us before, it is likely that you already have an account in DOI Talent which is suspended.  To have your account reactivated, please contact the DOI Talent Help Desk at 720-673-9958  Option 5  or Learning_DOITalent@ios.doi.gov.   Provide them with the name of the course and the sponsor of the training you want to attend and your issue will be directed to the appropriate bureau.

Updated: 07/20/2021

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