RESTORE Council Inititial Funded Priorities List

The RESTORE Council completed its Initial Funded Priorities List in April 2016. The list funds approximately $156.6 million in restoration activities such as hydrologic restoration, land conservation, and planning for large-scale restoration projects. It also prioritizes 12 restoration activities for possible funding in the future, subject to environmental compliance and further Council review. 

As a member on the Council, the Department was actively engaged in developing restoration proposals for the Funded Priorities List. Some of the projects reflect Interior’s priorities for building climate resilient habitats, which include efforts to conserve existing habitat, restore and rebuild degraded habitat, support tribal responsibilities and provide science-based information to ensure future projects are built on a solid foundation. The projects also focus on investments in water quality improvements and hydrologic restoration across the Gulf, which will provide direct benefits to millions of migratory birds and hundreds of federally-listed, at-risk species that call the Gulf home.

The Department is leading implementation of the following projects: 

The Department will partner with other Council members on many of the funded projects, including:

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