Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment DOI Projects

After the 2016 global settlement with BP, the NRDA Trustees established area-based Trustee Implementation Groups (TIGs) that are responsible for restoration planning, implementation, project evaluation and monitoring, and adaptive management. Seven of the TIGs are responsible for restoration project planning and implementation in seven restoration areas: Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Region-wide and Open Ocean. The eighth TIG is responsible for future restoration from unknown conditions, if any arise, and adaptive management. Department staff serve on each of the TIGs and recommend projects that will restore natural resources and enhance recreational opportunities.

As of August 2019 TIGs have approved 30 DOI restoration projects, listed below by restoration area:

FLORIDA Restoration Area

Florida TIG DOI Projects:

ALABAMA and MISSISSIPPI Restoration Areas

Alabama TIG DOI Projects:

Mississippi TIG DOI Projects:

LOUISIANA and TEXAS Restoration Areas

Louisiana TIG DOI Projects:

Texas TIG DOI Projects:

OPEN OCEAN and REGION-WIDE Restoration Areas

Open Ocean TIG DOI Projects:

Region-wide TIG DOI Projects:

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