Fiscal Year 2016 Interior Budget in Brief

The Department of the Interior "Budget in Brief" highlights and describes details of the fiscal year 2016 request.

Note: This document is presented as several separate PDF-Formatted files. To view these files requires that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader® loaded on your computer. For a printed copy of the "Highlights" contact the Office of Budget at 202-208-5308.


Interior Fact Sheet - Budget 2016

The President"s 2016 Budget is designed to bring middle class economics into the 21st Century.This Budget shows what we can do if we invest in America"s future and commit to an economy that rewards hard work, generates rising incomes, and allows everyone to share in the prosperity of a growing America. It lays out a strategy to strengthen our middle class and help America"s hard-working families get ahead in a time of relentless economic and technological change. And it makes the critical investments needed to accelerate and sustain economic growth in the long run, including in research, education, training, and infrastructure.


Budget Justifications

  • FY 2016 Bureau of Land Management (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Bureau of Reclamation (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Central Utah Project Completion Act (PDF)
  • FY 2016 U. S. Geological Survey (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Fish and Wildlife Service (PDF)
  • FY 2016 National Park Service (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Office of the Secretary and Department-wide Programs (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Indian Affairs (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Office of Insular Affairs (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Office of the Solicitor (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Office of Inspector General (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (PDF)
  • FY 2016 National Indian Gaming Commission (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Wildland Fire Management (PDF)
  • FY 2016 Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Program (PDF)