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Meet the DCC Ambassadors

List of DCC Ambassadors
Ambassador (Alphabetical by Bureau) Bio


Azure Hall

Azure Hall smiling

Azure Hall is a Public Affairs Specialist with the Bureau of Land Management. She is passionate about professional development and skill sharing and believes that DCC is a powerful tool within the DOI. She is working with the communications team to provide information about opportunities within DCC across the DOI.


Benedetti, Deanna

Program Analyst

Benedetti, Deanna smiling

Deanna is currently a Program Analyst in the Office of Budget and Administration (OBA)-
Administration and Compliance Branch.  She has been with BOEM since 2011. Deanna believes that employees should have a place to go to look for opportunities to enhance their careers.  They should feel empowered and inspired, and not "stuck."  What drew her to DCC was just that, a location for employees to go to broaden their experience through details and short-term assignments. 


Christensen, Kelly M

Administrative Officer

Christesen, Kelly M smiling


Kelly is currently an Administrative Officer for BOR. Most of her career has been either as an Administrative Officer or a Realty Specialist in the Oil and Gas Industry for the BLM and other agencies.

She wanted to become a DCC Ambassador because as a Diversity Change Agent and Special Emphasis Program Manager she sees the need for outreach and coordination for underrepresented groups/communities to advance in their positions. In her experience, she feels as though the options that DCC offers are underutilized and most supervisors/employees don't realize the opportunities that are available. She has personally seen the benefits of DCC and want to help educate and encourage people to use this as an opportunity to advance or supplement their career.


Kunz, Holly M

Technical Projects Specialist

Holly Kunz smiling

Holly Kunz works for the Bureau of Reclamation, CPN Region, Boise, Environmental Services Office, as a Supervisory Program Coordinator. She chose to be a DCC ambassador because she was excited about the opportunity to help promote opportunities throughout the department. She is a strong supporter of continued employee development and learning, and she sees DCC as a great opportunity to train and develop our workforce in a way that enhances employee engagement in the present while developing the workforce in preparation for future organizational needs. As an ambassador, she is talking with managers and hiring officials and presenting DCC as a great workforce planning and development tool.


Bevels, Daniel G (picture unavailable)

Human Resources Specialist

Daniel has fifteen years of experience in Human Resources (Staffing/Classification) starting with the Department of Justice; Department of the Treasury; Commerce Department; Small Business Administration; and DOI. He enjoys training junior colleagues on various HR processes and systems. He wanted to join the DCC Ambassador team because he enjoys training/helping people, and he eventually wants to become a team leader.


Gould-Fehrs, Sherri L

Acting Secretary

Gould-Fehrs, Sherri L smiling

Sherri started my federal career in 2016 with National Park Service, moving to Fish & Wildlife Service in 2020. She currently works in the administrative field for the Office of Subsistence Management program. She has participated in courses in leadership, communication, diversity and inclusion, and is always looking for more opportunities to keep learning, which is how she ran across DOI Career Connections (DCC). She wanted to join DCC because she loves sharing opportunities with others, to learn new skills, to participate in new opportunities, to help them grow.


Melony JaLynn Hudnall

Melony JaLynn Hudnall Smiling

Melony JaLynn Hudnall is a Contracting Officer with the Interior Business Center (IBC). She wants to learn more about DOI connect with other DCC Ambassadors so that she can continue to spread the word to her friends at other agencies about how wonderful it is at DOI.


Cardea, Dominic D

Instructional Design and Technology Specialist

Cardea, Dominic D smiling

DCC offers a way for folks to connect with other people with similar career trajectories across the bureaus and to explore potentials they did not know existed. Dominic is passionate about helping people make those connections at the individual and community level. As an DCC ambassador he feels he can help raise visibility, get people to look beyond their immediate roles and surroundings, and to be a leader in creating an innovative network of professionals.


Mullins, Veronica R.

Supervisory Human Resources Specialist

Mullins, Veronica R. smiling

Veronica has over three decades of experience in Human Resources (Staffing, Recruitment, Classification and Retirement/Benefits) and all of it with the National Park Service. Currently she is a Supervisory Human Resources Specialist with Interior Region One – North Atlantic. She considers herself as a continuous learner and is very much solutions driven. She enjoys working with her staff and watching them grow beyond what they thought they could do. She wanted to be a DCC Ambassador to know how best to utilize the platform for the NPS in addition to networking and collaborating with employees in other bureaus of the DOI.


Hatami, Belqis H

Human Resources Specialist

Hatami, Belqis H smiling

Beqis has been in Human Resources since the start of her federal career working in various agencies. She currently holds an HR Specialist position in the Department of the Interior’s Office of the Solicitor. She is excited to be a part of DOI Career Connection because she is passionate about employee growth, engagement, and development. Belqis said each individual and office is naturally creative, resourceful, and unique in its own way. DCC creates that bridge for individuals to learn from each other, share knowledge, and broaden their understanding of DOI.


Perez, Angel

Intelligence Operations Specialist

Perez, Angel smiling

Angel Perez works for the USGS in Reston, Virginia as an Intelligence Operations Specialist. He joined the USGS right after he retired from the Army and have been in this position since July 0f 2019. Outside of the USGS, he also works as an Adjunct Professor for Liberty University. He wanted to be an ambassador for several reasons. He wanted to represent the U.S. Geological Survey and its employees. He said many do not know the programs and opportunities available, and he wanted to be able to provide this information to them so that they can grow professionally. Angel said as a leader, it is not just about individual growth but growing and succeeding together.


Wilson, Stuart W


Wilson, Stuart W smiling

Stuart Wilson was born and raised from Olympia, Washington. He has held several positions within USGS since 2012. He is currently the Information Technology Supervisor for the California Water Science Center. Before that he spent a couple years working for Verizon, and 5 years in the United States Army. What excites him most about being part of the DOI Career Connection Program, is the ability to help professional develop folks and advance them in their career within DOI.