2006 News Archive

12/29/2006 Interior Officials Announce Intention to Reestablish Relationship with Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation
12/28/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Announces Resignation of Kathleen Clarke; Commends Her Leadership as Bureau of Land Management Director
12/27/2006 Interior Secretary Kempthorne Announces Proposal to List Polar Bears as Threatened Under Endangered Species Act
12/22/2006 BIA Issues Finding of No Significant Impact for Proposed Monticello Raceway Casino in New York
12/19/2006 Interior Secretary Kempthorne and Interior Employees Donate Toys and other Items to Needy Children and U.S. Troops at Event Honoring Military
12/15/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Discusses Obligations, Opportunities for Managing Colorado River
12/14/2006 Secretary Kempthorne to Address Colorado River Water Users Association
12/13/2006 Department of the Interior and National Archives to Open Original NY Bill of Rights Ratification Display at Federal Hall
12/12/2006 Interior Department and Partners Announce $7.6 Million in Save America's Treasures Grants
12/08/2006 Commerce and Interior Secretaries and Hawaii's Governor Announce Framework for Protecting Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument
12/07/2006 Interior Secretary Signs Platte River Agreement
12/06/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Proposes the Appointment of Norm DesRosiers for National Indian Gaming Commission
12/05/2006 New Interagency Pass Program Will Help Public Enjoy Enhanced Recreation Sites on Public Lands
11/30/2006 Coalition Announces $300,000 for Public Awareness Campaign Targeting Methamphetamine Abuse in Indian Country
11/21/2006 Industry and Conservation Partners Announce New Guidelines to Prevent Bird Electrocutions on Power Lines
11/20/2006 OSM, Partners Working to Standardize Geospatial Coal Mine Mapping
11/16/2006 Department Implements Financial and Business Management System
11/14/2006 Park Director Bomar Applauds Florida Governor's and Cabinet's Concurrence on No-Take Marine Reserve in Dry Tortugas National Park
11/13/2006 Deputy Secretary of The Interior Lynn Scarlett Recognizes Santa Barbara as a Designated Preserve America Community
11/13/2006 Interior Department Announces Approval of Oil Shale Projects on Public Lands in Colorado
11/3/2006 Historic Agreement Resolves Navajo-Hopi Dispute Over Tribal Lands in Arizona
11/3/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Announces New Members of the Invasive Species Advisory Committee
11/3/2006 U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Addresses Caribbean Coral Reef Management Challenges, Launches Planning For 2008 International Year Of The Reef
11/1/2006 National Park Service Unveils Major Planning Initiative; Effort Will Develop Long-Term Framework for National Mall
10/31/2006 "Share the Experience" Photo Contest Highlights and Helps Protect America's Parks, Forests and other Public Lands
10/27/2006 Confirmatory Avian Influenza Tests Complete on Ohio Duck Samples
10/27/2006 Kempthorne Likely to Consider Several Indian Water Rights Settlement Negotiations in Western States
10/24/2006 Interior and Louisiana Agree to Settle Lawsuit on Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Natural Gas Leasing
10/23/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Lauds Court Approval of San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement
10/18/2006 Statement by Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne on the Passing of Bill Burnham
10/17/2006 Preserve America Steering Committee Co-Chairs Available for Summit Questions/Interviews
10/17/2006 Ceremony Set to Sign an Agreement between the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Modoc Point Irrigation District to Remove Chiloquin Dam in Oregon
10/17/2006 Kempthorne To Give Keynote Address At Celebration of 225th Anniversary of The Battle of Yorktown
10/17/2006 Interior Honors Nine Employees With 2006 Manuel Lujan, Jr., Champions Award
10/17/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Announces Selection of Melinda Loftin As New Director of Interior Ethics Office
10/16/2006 Interior Honors Employees With 2006 Manuel Lujan, Jr., Champions Award
10/16/2006 Interior Awards Lockheed Martin Pilot Contract For Automated Law Enforcement Reporting System
10/16/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Announces $2 Million Grant for Historic Slaughter Pen Farm at Fredericksburg Battlefield
10/13/2006 Arrest Made By BIA Task Force In Fort Apache Reservation Case
10/13/2006 Ernie Pyle's Home a National Historic Landmark
10/10/2006 Rich Myers Selected as Alaska Regional Solicitor
10/05/2006 Secretary Kempthorne to Attend "Listening" Session In Boise, Idaho; Hold Media Availability
10/02/2006 New Law Formalizes Private Lands Conservation Program
10/02/2006 Kempthorne Pledges Active Agenda for Indian Country Economic and Social Development
10/02/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Praises Senate's Confirmation of Four Members of Interior's Leadership Team
9/28/2006 Secretary Signs Agreement for Platte River Recovery Program to Aid Endangered and Threatened Species
9/28/2006 Secretary Kempthorne to Address National Congress of American Indians
9/27/2006 Secretary Designates National Historic Landmarks
9/25/2006 Kempthorne To Hold Teleconference To Announce Endangered Species Conservation Grants In 27 States
9/25/2006 Secretary Kempthorne to Attend "Listening" Session In San Bernardino, Calif.; Hold Media Availability
9/22/2006 Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, EPA Administrator Johnson, Florida Governor Bush (Invited) to Attend "Listening Session" in Orlando, Florida
9/22/2006 Public Advisory Committees to Provide Recommendations on Federal Recreation Fees
9/21/2006 Cason Issues Final Determination to Decline Acknowledgment of the Burt Lake Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Incorporated
9/21/2006 Montana Wild Bird Samples Undergo Additional Avian Influenza Testing
9/21/2006 Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, EPA Administrator Johnson, Florida Governor Bush (Invited) to Attend "Listening Session" in Orlando, Florida
9/20/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Designates Liberty Memorial in Kansas City As National Historic Landmark
9/19/2006 Second Round of Preserve America Grants Announced
9/19/2006 FY 2006 Preserve America Round 2 Recommendations
9/19/2006 Fish and Wildlife Service Director Hall and NOAA Administrator Lautenbacher to Attend "Listening Session" in Brunswick, Georgia
9/18/2006 Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of the Interior Announce Partnership, Kick Off Naturalization Ceremonies at Parks around the Nation
9/18/2006 Acting Assistant Secretary Burton, EPA Regional Administrator Roberts to Attend "Listening" Session in Pinedale, WY.; Hold Media Availability
9/18/2006 Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne to Attend "Listening Session" In Brewer, Maine; Hold Media Availability
9/15/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Commends 2006 National Take Pride In America® Award Winners At Department Of The Interior Ceremony
9/15/2006 Interior Secretary Kempthorne Praises Senate Confirmation of Mark Myers as USGS Director
9/12/2006 The United States Department of the Interior and the Government of Guatemala Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Protect Major Maya Archaeological Sites at El Mirador
9/11/2006 Interior Reaches Agreement with Southern Nevada Water Authority on Proposed Groundwater Development
9/08/2006 Department of the Interior and Department of Agriculture Announce Waiver of Fees for Veterans and Members of U.S. Armed Forces on Veterans Day
9/08/2006 Interior Secretary Kempthorne Opens Inaugural Conference on Children and Nature
9/07/2006 Mark Beighley: New Wildland Fire Coordination Director
9/06/2006 Confirmatory Tests Being Conducted on Pennsylvania Wild Bird Samples
9/06/2006 Secretary Kempthorne to Open Inaugural Conference on Children and Nature
9/05/2006 Kempthorne Praises President's Nomination of Mary A. Bomar to be Director of National Park Service
9/05/2006 Proposed Healthy Forests Partnership Act Discussed by Interior, Agriculture Officials
9/01/2006 Confirmatory Tests Being Conducted on Maryland Wild Bird Fecal Samples
9/01/2006 New Preserve America Communities Recognized for Commitment to Historic Preservation
8/30/2006 Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne to Address Business, Industry Groups; Hold Press Availability
8/29/2006 Agencies Publish Rules on Northwestern Hawaiian Island Monument
8/29/2006 DOI, USDA, State Partners Test More Than 13,000 Wild Migratory Birds in Alaska - No Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Avian Influenza Detected
8/29/2006 Avian Influenza Tests Complete on Michigan Mute Swans
8/28/2006 Nearly $20 Million in New Federal Funding Will Help Move Visitors through Dozens of National Parks
8/25/2006 The Future of America's National Parks - Celebrating the 90th Anniversary and Looking forward to the Centennial and Beyond
8/24/2006 Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne to Attend "Listening Session" in Fairbanks, Alaska, Hold Media Availability
8/23/2006 Interior, Commerce, Agriculture, EPA, Council on Environmental Quality Announce Next Series of Listening Sessions on Cooperative Conservation
8/22/2006 Interior, Commerce, Agriculture, EPA, Council on Environmental Quality Announce Next Series of Listening Sessions on Cooperative Conservation
8/22/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Will Open Yellowstone Visitor Center In Celebration of National Park Service’s 90th Anniversary
8/22/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Approves Master Agreement for Arizona Water Settlements Act
8/22/2006 Interagency Seamless Network Summit
8/22/2006 DOI Indian Affairs Publishes Proposed Regulations for Tribal Energy Resource Agreements
8/21/2006 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dale Hall to Attend “Listening Session” in Omaha
8/18/2006 Tulalip Tribes Of Washington State Approved For 477 Participation
8/18/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Appoints Federal Subsistence Board Chairman
8/18/2006 Cason Announces IEED Wind Energy Development Grant Award to Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Inc.
8/17/2006 Interior Secretary Kempthorne, Agriculture Under Secretary Rey to Attend “Listening Session” in Redmond, Ore.(PLEASE NOTE: TIME HAS CHANGED)
8/17/2006 Deputy Interior Secretary Scarlett, Agriculture Under Secretary Rey, Assistant Administrator Grumbles to Attend “Listening Session” in Columbus, Ohio
8/14/2006 Confirmatory Tests Being Conducted On Michigan Wild Bird Samples
8/11/2006 Deputy Interior Secretary Scarlett, Deputy Agriculture Under Secretary Tenny and EPA Regional Administrator Welsh to Attend “Listening Session” in Roanoke, Virginia
8/10/2006 Secretary of The Interior Kempthorne Makes Available $48 Million for Lake Tahoe Protection
8/09/2006 USDA, DOI And State Partners Begin Monitoring Wild Migratory Birds For Avian Influenza In Lower 48
8/08/2006 Interior, Commerce, Agriculture, EPA, Council on Environmental Quality Announce Second Series of Listening Sessions on Cooperative Conservation
8/07/2006 Interior Secretary Kempthorne, EPA Administrator Johnson To Attend First “Listening Session” in Spokane
8/07/2006 Kempthorne Announces $19 Million in Grants to States to Help Landowners Conserve Imperiled Species
8/04/2006 Interior Office of Hawaiian Relations Invites Public to Gatherings on August 14-17
8/03/2006 Assistant Secretary Limbaugh Comments on USGS Finding on Endangered Humpback Chub Population in Grand Canyon
8/02/2006 Kempthorne Praises President's Nomination of C. Stephen Allred to be Assistant Secretary, Land and Minerals Management
8/02/2006 Kempthorne Praises President's Nomination of Carl J. Artman to be Assistant Secretary For Indian Affairs
8/01/2006 Secretary Kempthorne, Sen. Domenici Highlight Reintroduction of Northern Aplomado Falcons to New Mexico
7/31/2006 Interior, Commerce, Agriculture, EPA, Council on Environmental Quality Announced First Eight Listening Sessions on Cooperative Conservation
7/28/2006 Kempthorne Names David M. Verhey Deputy Assistant Secretary For Fish And Wildlife And Parks
7/27/2006 Take Pride In America® Announces Recipients of The 2006 National Award For Federal Land Managers
7/26/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Announces $12.5 million in Grants for Hurricane Disaster Relief in Louisiana
7/26/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Announces $2.5 million in Grants for Hurricane Disaster Relief in Alabama
7/26/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Announces $27.5 million in Grants for Hurricane Disaster Relief in Mississippi
7/26/2006 National Park Service Director Fran Mainella Announces Resignation
7/26/2006 Senator Burr, North Carolina Governor Easley Support Proposal to Replace Bonner Bridge
7/23/2006 Interior Announces Three Public Tribal Consultation Meetings to Discuss Regulations for Indian Trust Management
7/21/2006 Geothermal Rules Encourage Alternative Energy Development on Federal Lands
7/21/2006 Secretary Praises President's Intention to Nominate Robert Johnson Commissioner of Reclamation
7/20/2006 Take Pride In America® Announces 2006 National Award Winners
7/19/2006 Cason Announces IEED Tribal Utility Development Grant Award to the Pueblo of Laguna
7/18/2006 Kempthorne: Refuge and Park Recovery Funding to Restore Gulf Coast Wetlands, Undertake Other Projects
7/17/2006 Secretary Kempthorne to Tour Hurricane Damage, Hold Press Availability at Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge
7/12/2006 Interior, Commerce, Agriculture, EPA, Council on Environmental Quality to Hold Listening Sessions on Cooperative Conservation
7/11/2006 Deputy Secretary of the Interior Lynn Scarlett Testifies on Department's Leadership in Renewable Energy Production
7/10/2006 Jason Peltier Named Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Water and Science
7/10/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Announces $1.3 Million in Grants for Water Conservation Projects in West
7/10/2006 World Heritage Committee Commends U.S. Efforts at Everglades and Approves Benchmarks for Possible Removal from List of World Heritage in Danger
6/30/2006 Secretary Dirk Kempthorne Praises Leadership of Acting Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks Matt Hogan
6/29/2006 Deputy Secretary Scarlett Testifies How Interior Department And Partners Work To Help Prevent Wildland Fires
6/29/2006 Hogan Testifies in Support of Reauthorization of North American Wetlands Conservation Act
6/26/2006 Top Administration Officials and Conservation Leaders Meet to Discuss Cooperative Conservation
6/20/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Announces New Policies to Improve Management of National Wildlife Refuges
6/19/2006 Kempthorne: Park Management Policies Will Assure Legacy of Conservation
6/16/2006 Secretary Kempthorne to Announce Revised Final Draft of National Park Service Management Policies
6/16/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Announces Additions to Interior Staff
6/15/2006 President Sets Aside Largest Marine Conservation Area on Earth
6/15/2006 State and Local Governments to Receive Payments in Lieu of Taxes This Month
6/09/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Praises President's Intention to Nominate Drue Pearce as Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Project
6/08/2006 Cason Announces IEED 477 Participation Planning Grants for Tribes
6/08/2006 Interior Museum Hosts Shenandoah Photography Exhibit, Lecture
6/07/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Announces Intent to Visit Pacific Islands, Thanks Islanders for Service to the United States
6/05/2006 Kempthorne, Students Fish on the Mall To Celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week
6/05/2006 Kempthorne Announces Boating Grants to Eight States
6/02/2006 Allen Anspach New Regional Director for BIA's Western Regional Office in Phoenix
6/02/2006 Deputy Secretary Scarlett Heralds New Virginia Watershed Conservation Initiative
6/01/2006 Secretary Kempthorne Announces Designation of 36 New National Recreation Trails in 24 States
5/26/2006 Acting Secretary Scarlett Commends Senate On Confirmation Of Dirk Kempthorne As Secretary Of The Interior
5/25/2006 Statement by the Acting Secretary
5/22/2006 Scarlett Names Neidig Special Assistant For Alaska
5/16/2006 Acting Secretary Scarlett Praises President's Intention to Nominate John Correll as OSM Director
5/12/2006 Acting Secretary Scarlett Announces $3.9 Million in Grants for Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation
5/9/2006 Acting Interior Secretary Scarlett Designates Ashfall Fossil Beds A National Natural Landmark
5/5/2006 Senior Federal Executive Tom Dowd Selected for OIEP Director Post
5/4/2006 Auburn Washington Resident and Three Bureau of Indian Affairs Employees Given Prestigious Departmental Awards
5/4/2006 63rd Department of the Interior Honors Convocation Features Awards for Bravery, Cooperative Conservation and Distinguished Service
5/3/2006 Acting Secretary Scarlett Praises President's Intention to Nominate Mark Myers as USGS Director
5/1/2006 2006 Preserve America Presidential Awards Presented
4/29/2006 Department of the Interior Acting Secretary, Employees Volunteer for Capital River Relief Project
4/28/2006 Federal Land Management Agencies Release Joint Strategy For Reducing Fuels On Land At Risk To Catastrophic Wildfire
4/27/2006 Hundreds Gather at former BIA Albuquerque Indian School Site for Lujan Indian Affairs Building Dedication, NIPTC Opening
4/27/2006 Cason Announces IEED to Sponsor Indian Country Lending Conference
4/24/2006 Acting Interior Secretary Scarlett To Address Oil & Gas Industry Awards Ceremony
4/21/2006 Acting Secretary Scarlett Celebrates Earth Day By Announcing Reopening Of Fish Passage On 811 Miles Of Waterways
4/21/2006 Acting Secretary Scarlett To Announce 2006 Fish Passage Projects For 26 States On April 22
4/20/2006 8th Annual Great Plains Region/Tribal Economic Development Summit
4/20/2006 Grayford Payne Receives 2005 Secretary's Executive Leadership Award
4/20/2006 Secretary Presents 20 Presidential & Executive Leadership Awards
4/19/2006 Acting Secretary Scarlett To Open 2006 National Junior Duck Stamp Contest
4/14/2006 Acting Secretary Lynn Scarlett Names William E. Rinne As Acting Commissioner Of The Bureau Of Reclamation
4/11/2006 Acting Interior Secretary Scarlett Announces Designation of Madison Historic District as National Historic Landmark
4/10/2006 Acting Secretary of the Interior P. Lynn Scarlett Announces the Designation of Mission San Miguel Archangel as National Historic Landmark
4/06/2006 Acting Secretary Scarlett Names Timothy R. Petty As New Deputy Assistant Secretary For Water And Science
4/05/2006 Acting Secretary Scarlett Announces Proposal to Create Research Natural Area to Protect Marine Resources in Dry Tortugas National Park
3/31/2006 P. Lynn Scarlett to be Acting Interior Secretary
3/31/2006 Cason Issues Proposed Finding to Acknowledge Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Tribal Council, Incorporated, as an Indian Tribe
3/30/2006 Secretary Norton Signs Water Rights Agreement for Tohono O'odham Nation
3/30/2006 Secretaries Norton And Johanns Commend Gains In U.S. Wetlands
3/28/2006 Rock Art on Exhibit at Interior Museum
3/27/2006 DOI to Hold Consultation Meetings on Proposed IGRA Section 20 Regulations
3/27/2006 Secretary Norton Designates Elvis Presley's Graceland Mansion National Historic Landmark
3/24/2006 Interior Deputy Secretary P. Lynn Scarlett and Undersecretary Felipe Adrian Vasquez of the Ministry for Environment and Natural Resources, Officially Designate Seven Sister Parks During 2006 U.S.- Mexico Bi-national Commission
3/23/2006 DOI Tribal Consultation Meeting On Draft Indian Trust Management Regulations March 29, 2006 - Portland, Oregon
3/23/2006 Norton Names 12 To New Sporting Conservation Council; Will Advise Interior On Hunting, Wildlife Resource Issues
3/23/2006 Interior Department Issues Report on Cooperative Conservation Accomplishments during Tenure of Secretary Gale Norton
3/22/2006 Secretary Norton Names Paul Hoffman As New Deputy Assistant Secretary For Performance, Accountability And Human Resources
3/22/2006 Interior Department Announces Guidelines to Implement Court Decision on R.S. 2477
3/21/2006 Winnebago Agency Fire and Fuels Management Group Honored at 2006 National Fire Plan Awards Ceremony
3/20/2006 USDA, DOI AND HHS Expand Screening For Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Avian Influenza In Migratory Birds
3/17/2006 Norton Lauds Service of John Keys as Commissioner of Bureau of Reclamation
3/16/2006 Statement by Interior Secretary Gale Norton
3/16/2006 Norton Announces Gray Wolves in Western Great Lakes Region Proposed for Removal from List of Threatened and Endangered Species
3/10/2006 Secretary Norton Announces Departure from Interior
3/09/2006 Mrs. Laura Bush Announces First Preserve America Grant Recipients, Neighborhoods
3/07/2006 Secretary Norton Names Mark Limbaugh Her Representative on Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Work Group
3/03/2006 Spokane Tribe Approved For 477 Participation
3/03/2006 Secretary Norton Gives Cheyenne Railroad Depot National Historic Landmark Designation
2/28/2006 Secretary Norton Announces President's Designation of African Burial Ground as a National Monument
2/24/2006 Deputy Interior Secretary Announces President to Seek more than $2.1 Million for Ivory-Billed Woodpecker in Fiscal Year 2007 Budget
2/24/2006 Secretary Norton Designates Two Rhode Island Sites as National Historic Landmarks
2/23/2006 Secretary Norton to Deliver Keynote Address at Energy Forum & Expo '06 in Grand Junction, Colorado
2/22/2006 Secretary Norton Designates Manitoga in New York as a National Historic Landmark
2/21/2006 Secretary Norton Announces the Designation of 12 Sites as National Historic Landmarks
2/18/2006 Secretary Norton Designates Sixteenth Street Baptist Church as National Historic Landmark
2/17/2006 Secretary Norton Announces Designation of National Historic Landmarks
2/16/2006 New Invasive Species Forecasting System Uses USGS Science, NASA Technology
2/16/2006 Cangelosi Named Executive Director Of Take Pride In America®
2/16/2006 Interior Wins One of Five Excellence.Gov Awards For Geospatial One-Stop Leadership
2/10/2006 Secretary Norton Announces Designation of Two Colorado Sites as National Historic Landmarks
2/07/2006 First of Three DOI Tribal Consultation Meetings on Revisions to Indian Trust Management Regulations to be Held February 14-15 in Albuquerque
2/07/2006 Secretary Norton Approves $1 Billion for Expenditures Under the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act
2/07/2006 Brian Burns Selected as Interior's Chief Technology Officer for Infrastructure
2/07/2006 Trust Management, Education, Energy, Law Enforcement and Self-Determination Highlighted in BIA Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Request
2/06/2006 Budget Emphasizes Core Commitments, Strategic Priorities and Fiscal Prudence
1/26/2006 DOI Holds Ceremony to Honor Employees Who Contributed to Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief Effort - Five BIA Employees Receive Recognition
1/26/2006 Interior Employees Recognized for Contributions to Gulf Coast Hurricane Response and Recovery Operations
1/24/2006 Ed Meagher Named Interior's Deputy Chief Information Officer
1/24/2006 Secretary Norton to Commend Interior Employees for Gulf Coast Hurricane Work
1/23/2006 DOI Indian Affairs is a Major Sponsor of Reservation Economic Summit 2006
1/23/2006 Secretary Norton Promotes Shane Wolfe To Press Secretary Position
1/19/2006 BIA Special Agents Janis and Redlegs Recognized for Work in Marijuana Eradication on Yakama Nation Reservation
1/18/2006 Norton Names Hogan Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks, Will Fill in as Assistant Secretary
1/17/2006 Reed R. Murray Named Program Director for Central Utah Project Completion Act Office
1/5/2006 Cason Announced DOI to hold Consultation Meetings to Develop Regulations to Govern Tribal Energy Resource Agreements
1/5/2006 Norton, Kempthorne Sign Agreement Turning Over Most Management of Wolves In Idaho to the State
1/4/2006 Norton, Kempthorne to Sign Agreement on Gray Wolf Management in Idaho

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