IBC Featured in the HR QSMO Marketplace Solutions Catalog

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently launched the Human Resources Quality Services Management Office (HR QSMO) Marketplace Solutions Catalog.

Last edited 04/30/2024

The HR QSMO is a liaison between agencies and standards entities to help agencies modernize their human capital management capabilities. It promotes strong federal HR stakeholder relationships by fostering a culture of active engagement with agencies, shared service providers, and industry partners.

Designed to make it easier for federal agencies to understand governmentwide standards, the HR QSMO Marketplace Solutions Catalog serves as a one-stop shop for federal agencies to access human resources services, both in government and through federal contractors.

IBC is one of the six federal shared services providers included in the HR QSMO Marketplace Solutions Catalog. IBC, like the other providers featured in the catalog, is committed to delivering top notch solutions tailored to the needs of federal agencies.

The HR QSMO Marketplace Solutions Catalog complements IBC’s website and provides an additional mechanism for showcasing IBC services.

IBC has been providing payroll and HR services to federal agencies for over 35 years through a comprehensive set of personnel systems and services. We offer development and support, and provide for the design, modification, implementation, documentation, and future versions of these systems. Our comprehensive and integrated HR support services meet or exceed all government standards and federal payroll guidelines.

In addition to the HR QSMO Marketplace Catalog, IBC services are also featured in the Financial Management (FM) QSMO and Grants QSMO marketplace catalogs.

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