Summary: Final Senate Action on the FY 2002 Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill

July 12, 2001

The following report updates the information that was provided on July 12th to include information on the managers package of amendments to the Interior bill.

The 2002 Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations bill passed the Senate on July 12, 2001 by voice vote. The Senate passed bill provides $9.37 billion for Department of the Interior programs. This an increase of $501,000 over the amount provided in the Senate Committee reported bill and is $37.9 million below the House mark, $206.6 million above the President's budget, and $113.1 million below the 2001 enacted level.

Before passing the bill, the Senate considered and rejected the following amendments:

  • Sen. Nelson of Florida. Prohibit use of funds to execute a final lease agreement for oil and gas in the Sale 181 area of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. Tabled by a vote of 67 to 33.

  • Sen. Smith of Oregon. Prohibit use of funds to implement the current biological opinion for the Klamath Project until specified conditions are met. Tabled by a vote of 52 to 48.

  • Sen. McCain. Delete $2 million provided in the NPS National Recreation and Preservation Account for restoration of the Vulcan steel monument in Birmingham, Alabama. Defeated by a vote of 12 to 87.

  • The Senate adopted an amendment on monuments proposed by Senator Durban.This provision prohibits the use of funds for pre-leasing, leasing or other related activity within the boundaries of any national monument in effect on January 20, 2001, except as allowed under the Presidential proclamation establishing the monument. Adopted by a voice vote after a motion to table failed by a vote of 42 to 57.

The Senate also adopted a managers' package of amendments, including:

  • A provision that instructs the NPS to make further evaluation of the Loess Hills Landform Region of Western Iowa.

  • A provision changing the distribution formula for the State Wildlife Grants to match that in the 2001 Commerce-Justice-State program.

  • A Glacier Bay provision requiring an EIS on the effects of vessel entries taking into account possible impacts on whale populations.

  • A sense of Congress amendment concerning the importance of coastal impact assistance.

  • A provision that precludes the completion of a proposed land exchange on South Fox Island, Michigan between the State of Michigan and a private landowner.

  • The addition of $100,000 for FWS to provide to the University of Idaho for salmon and trout recovery research.

  • The addition of $140,000 for a feasibility study of Hackensack Meadowlands, New Jersey by FWS to identify management objectives and address strategies for preservation.

  • The addition of $401,000 to NPS for the Erie Canal Way National Heritage Corridor ($300,000) and the Brown Foundation for Educational Equity ($101,000).

  • An earmark of $250,000 for the Underground Railroad Coalition of Delaware in NPS.

  • Redirection of FWS land acquisition funding to provide: $500,000 for Don Edwards NWR, California; $500,000 for Red River NWR, Louisiana; $3.0 million for Cahaba NWR, Alabama; and reduce Emergency and Inholdings to $1.5 million each.

At the conclusion of consideration of the bill, Senator Byrd stated an intention to take the bill to conference soon, with the expectation of completing action before the August recess.