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DI 6513 Reasonable Accommodation Request Confirmation [pdf] : The Request Confirmation Form must be completed by any agency officials when a verbal request for accommodation is made. This form documents the receipt of a verbal request for record-keeping purposes and should be provided to the servicing Human Resources Office (SHRO). Employees and applicants for employment may submit written or verbal requests for accommodation and must not be required to complete this form.

DI 6512 Reasonable Accommodation Information Tracking And Reporting [pdf] : The Information Tracking and Reporting Form should be completed by the Deciding Official and returned to the SHRO. The information provided on this form must be sufficient to allow the SHRO to track requests for reasonable accommodation and to prepare regular and ad-hoc reports, as needed, to ensure compliance with the DOI’s Reasonable Accommodation Procedures and the Rehabilitation Act.

FORM Employee Questionnaire For Reassignment 508 [pdf]  (PDF): The Employee Questionnaire for Reassignment is used to document an individual's preference(s) on parameters for conducting a search for vacant positions in cases of reassignment as a last resort form of accommodation.

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