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Applicants should submit their request for accommodation to the agency contact listed under the How To Apply section of the vacancy announcement.

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Employees may submit their request for accommodation to any of the following agency officials: their supervisor, a management official in their chain of command, their Servicing Human Resources Office (SHRO), their Disability Program Manager (DPM), or any other management official.

DOI Human Resources Points of Contact (POC):

The Human Resources Reasonable Accommodation POCs in each SHRO can assist individuals with providing information on the reasonable accommodation program. They are responsible for maintaining all reasonable accommodation records and documenting all requests for accommodation using DOI’s internal tracking system. Your reasonable accommodation POCs also assist Deciding Officials in determining essential functions of the job, coordinating initial searches (for reassignment efforts), identifying effective accommodations, and ensuring timeframes are met.

Bureau/Office HR Reasonable Accommodation POCs may visit the Office of Human Capital’s (OHC) Reasonable Accommodation Team to access internal agency resources.

Disability Program Managers:

DOI Disability Program Managers (DPM) are typically part of the Bureau/Office Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Office and are responsible for developing, implementing, and operating the Bureaus/Offices disability programs to eliminate employment barriers, seek full inclusion of individuals with disabilities, and provide guidance on reasonable accommodation matters related to employees and applicants for employment. 

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