What is DOI


Interior. It's more than just the department of everything else, it's about energy. Powering the nation's future through oil, gas, and coal; and harnessing the sun and wind.  It's about parks and preservation; Telling the American story for new generations and protecting the special places that make our country unique. It's about trust; upholding our sacred responsibilities to Native Americans and Alaska Natives. It's about conservation; protecting the wondrous wildlife of America and the habitat it lives in. It's about the land; sustaining the health diversity and productivity of public lands for multiple uses. It's about water; managing the dams, power plants and canals in 17 western states; bringing precious water to 31 million people. It's about restoration; restoring the land and habitat on the sites of abandoned mines. It's about science; understanding natural hazards and resources, developing new tools, supplying useful information. It's about safety; enforcing the regulations for responsible recovery and use of natural resources at sea. People, history, energy, land, water, science, responsible stewardship; that's what Interior is all about. This is our charge, our work is important and America depends on us.