Federal Waters of Yukon River Subdistricts 5-A, 5-B, and 5-C Closed to Subsistence Fall Chum Salmon Fishing

For Immediate Release:
July 29, 2022

The Yukon River is transitioning from summer season (Chinook and summer Chum salmon) management to fall season (fall Chum and Coho salmon) management. Because the 2022 fall Chum Salmon runs are forecasted to be poor with little to no harvestable surplus available for subsistence uses, closures to the harvest of fall Chum Salmon are necessary, and gill nets will continue to be restricted to 4-inches or less, with a maximum of 60 feet length. Manned fish wheels are an additional gear being provided at this time. Previous closures for harvest of Chinook and summer Chum salmon are still in effect.

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Contact Information
Holly Carroll
(907) 351-3029

The Federal In-season Manager, pursuant to delegated authority from the Federal Subsistence Board under Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA Title VIII section 816) has issued an emergency special action (2-FC-03-22) closing Federal public waters of Subdistricts 5-A, 5-B and 5-C of the Yukon River, to the harvest of fall Chum Salmon, effective 12:01 am, Friday, August 5 through September 30, 2022.

The Coho Salmon run is projected to be below average, but retention of Coho Salmon will be allowed unless inseason assessment data indicates restrictions to Coho Salmon harvest are necessary. In all Federal public waters, fishing for Coho Salmon is limited to Federally qualified subsistence users.

Manned fish wheels may be used as well as dip nets and other legal non-salmon gear, including hook and line, longline, jigging gear, hand line, beach seine, fyke net, spear, or lead. The retention of Coho Salmon, Pink Salmon and Sockeye Salmon are allowed from these gears. However, summer and fall Chum salmon and Chinook Salmon must be released from these gears. If a Chum or Chinook salmon is caught in 4-inch mesh gillnets, it should be released alive if possible, or if dead, may be kept. If fishermen are encountering prohibited salmon in a particular area, they should move their net.

This management action was taken in consultation with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G). ADF&G managers have implemented salmon fishing closures for the non-Federal public waters of these areas at the same time. This Federal Emergency Special Action (2-FC-03-22) expires at 11:59 on September 30. After September 30, please refer to any ADF&G management actions that are in place or announced.

For additional information concerning Yukon River Federal Special Actions contact Yukon River Federal Manager Holly Carroll at (907) 351-3029.

Information about the Federal Subsistence Management Program may be found on the web at www.doi.gov/subsistence or by visiting www.facebook.com/subsistencealaska. Fishery special actions are posted here: Fisheries Special Actions | U.S. Department of the Interior (doi.gov)  (https://www.doi.gov/subsistence/fisheries-special-actions). If you’d like to receive emails and notifications on the Federal Subsistence Management Program you may subscribe for regular updates by emailing fws-fsb-subsistence-request@lists.fws.gov.

For information concerning State management actions, contact Yukon River Fall Season Manager, Christy Gleason in Fairbanks at (907) 459-7274 or in Emmonak at (907) 949-1320.

The map below shows District 5 Federal public waters (yellow shaded areas) of the Yukon Drainage. Federal public waters in subdistrict 5-A, 5-B, and 5-C include a small portion of the Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge at Illinois Creek and Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge just east of the Dalton highway.


Yukon River Drainage Area Upper River Fishing River District 5

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FSA-02-FC-03-22-Y-5-ABC Fall Chum Close


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