Medical Standards

Department of the Interior Medical Standards Programs:

Medical standards establish the minimum medical fitness that the agency has determined to be necessary for safe and efficient job performance of those who perform safety sensitive, arduous and hazardous work as part of their job function [or] job series

Establishment of Medical Standards/Medical Clearance Program Ensures:

  • Individuals in safety sensitive positions will be able to; perform the full range of essential functions of their jobs under the conditions in which those functions may be performed,  which at times can be arduous as well as hazardous.
  • Existing/preexisting medical conditions will not be; aggravated, accelerated, exacerbated, or permanently worsened as a result of carrying out the functions of the job.
  • Demonstration of the strong commitment of DOI/agency to public and employee health and safety, and a strong commitment to maintaining the integrity of mission accomplishment.
  • Consistency and uniformity in the medical evaluation of all applicants and incumbents

 Regulatory & Policy Framework

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