Tip 5: Recruit a Streamlining Champion

Key Point

  • Find a champion to keep the focus on streamlining.

Tips for the Champion

  • Commit to the role of champion and be a proactive member on the Project Management Team.
  • Prepare and share a one-page Streamlining Vision document describing the EIS being prepared. Everyone on the EIS Project Team should know the basic tenets of the Streamlining Vision.
  • Make sure expectations for streamlining (time and pages) are clearly communicated to the extended EIS Project Team. Revisit the expectations regularly, and adjust and redistribute when needed.
  • Develop a strategy and implementation plan to recognize and combat the tendency to think that more is better. This requires understanding your audience and how the EIS will address their needs, perceived or real.
  • Check in with subteams and individual team members periodically to see if they have issues or questions about the goals and trajectory of the EIS process and document.
  • Monitor progress with the Project Lead to encourage the Lead to initiate course corrections on a regular basis.
  • Help the Project Lead hold team members and contractors accountable for adhering to the page limits and timeline.
  • Consider sponsoring celebration meetings when the team successfully reaches major milestones. These can also serve as kick-off meetings for the next phase of the NEPA process.
  • Hold morale-boosting meetings as needed for all team members, including contractors, to celebrate accomplishments and brainstorm solutions to potential problems.
  • Review and update all team members with any new information, changes in approach or timelines, and other changes.

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