Protecting What Matters: Stories of Success

“It’s too difficult!”
“It’s too complex!”
“It’s too expensive!”

We don’t think so.

For far too long the invasive species issue has been plague by a belief that this challenge is too logistically difficult, too biologically complex, too expensive to address. This perspective has undermined political and public will. It has enabled small problems to become big problems with costly consequences. But time and time again, we have proven that we can do this – we can reduce the risks and impacts of invasive species by deciding to protect what matters and by working together—across all lines of jurisdiction—to do so. We’ve also demonstrated that we can make game changing advances in the prevention, eradication, and control in invasive species through investments in science and technology. We are solving what were believed to be unsolvable problems. We are changing the story by telling our stories—stories of our successes. 

We can do this!

Download Protecting What Matters: Stories of Success

Protecting What Matters: Stories of Success advances Actions 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 of the 2016-2018 NISC Management Plan.

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