National Invasive Species Council

  • The Terms of Reference and Annual Work Plan guide NISC's work throughout each fiscal year. The FY 2021 Work Plan was approved on October 23, 2020.

    NISC Guidance Documents

  • Early detection and rapid response is a key tenet of invasive species management, where “detection” is the process of observing and documenting an invasive species, and “response” is the process of reacting to the detection once the organism has been authoritatively identified and response options have been assessed.

    Early Detection and Rapid Response

  • By partnering with the technology innovators, we are inspiring solutions to some of the worst invasive species challenges. Added benefits? Envision new jobs and billions of dollars in savings to the U.S. economy.

    Technology Innovation

  • Invasive grasses spreading are fueling fires in previously tolerant native landscapes.

    Wildland Fire and Invasive Species

  • We can reduce the risks and impacts of invasive species by deciding to protect what matters and by working together—across all lines of jurisdiction—to do so.

    Stories of Success

  • Cooperation and collaboration with our federal and non-federal stakeholders is integral to safeguarding the interests of United States from the negative impacts of invasive species.

    Stakeholder Engagement