Service Centers and Public Liaisons

Each bureau has a FOIA Public Liaison who can assist individuals in locating records particular to a bureau.

FOIA Public Liaisons report to the Department's Chief FOIA Officer and serve as supervisory officials to whom a requester can raise concerns about the service the requester has received.

FOIA Public Liaisons are responsible for assisting in reducing delays, increasing transparency and understanding of the status of requests, and assisting in the resolution of disputes.

Additionally, you may contact the Office of Government Information Services (OGIS) for assistance. OGIS serves as a bridge between requesters and agencies, particularly in situations where clear, direct communication has been lacking. You can reach OGIS by email at, by phone at 1-877-684-6448, or by fax at (202) 741-5769.

Service Center:    (202) 208-3135
Public Liaison:     George Bearpaw (Acting)
Liaison Phone:    (202) 208-3135

Service Center:    (202) 912-7650
Public Liaison:     Ryan Witt
Liaison Phone:    (202) 912-7562

Service Center:    (703) 787-1818
Public Liaison:     Tasha Alcantara
Liaison Phone:    (703) 787-1818

Service Center:    (303) 445-3292
Public Liaison:    Jesse Caro
Liaison Phone:    (303) 445-3346

Service Center:    (703) 787-1404
Public Liaison:     Dorothy Tinker (Acting)    
Liaison Phone:    (703) 787-1404

Service Center:    (703) 358-2470
Public Liaison:     Carrie Hyde-Michaels
Liaison Phone:     (703) 358-2291 

Service Center:    (303) 969-2959
Public Liaison:     Charis Wilson
Liaison Phone:    (303) 969-2959

Service Center:    (202) 208-6742
Public Liaison:     Stefanie Jewett
Liaison Phone:    (202) 208-0954

Service Center    (202) 513-0765    
Public Liaison:     Clarice Julka
Liaison Phone:    (202) 208-6045
*Effective October 7, 2014 the Office of the Secretary handles all ONRR FOIA requests.

Service Center:    (202) 208-5840
Public Liaison:    Dele Awoniyi
Liaison Phone:    (202) 208-5840

Service Center:    (202) 513-0765
Public Liaison:     Clarice Julka
Liaison Phone:    (202) 208-6045

Service Center:    (202) 208-5817
Public Liaison:     Lance Purvis
Liaison Phone:    (202) 208-5817

Service Center:    (505) 816-1645
Public Liaison:     Meleanie Lowery
Liaison Phone:    (505) 816-1645

Service Center:    (443) 498-5521
Public Liaison:     Brian May
Liaison Phone:    (443) 498-5521

Service Center:    (888) 603-7119
Public Liaison:     Cindy Cafaro
Liaison Phone:    (202) 208-5342