Department and Bureau Policies on Discrimination, Harassing Conduct, and Retaliation

If the Department receives an allegation of discrimination, harassing conduct/harassment, or retaliation, or has reason to believe that any of these actions have occurred, it will be taken seriously and management will take appropriate action. Any investigatory process will be prompt, thorough, and impartial. While an investigation is pending, supervisors will take effective measures to ensure that the alleged behavior does not continue.

The Department will seek to protect the identities of the alleged victim and alleged harasser, except as reasonably necessary (for example, to complete an investigation successfully). It is also important for employees to be aware that once an issue of inappropriate conduct, including harassment, discrimination or retaliation, is made known to any management official, Equal Employment Opportunity office, or Human Resources office, an inquiry must be initiated and completed. 

Any employee found to have participated in discriminatory, harassing, or retaliatory action of any kind will be subject to appropriate administrative or disciplinary action, which may include removal from Federal service.


Bureau Policies

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