Secretary Haaland's Earth Day Message


Hi, everyone –
Secretary Deb Haaland here, coming to you this Earth Day from the Department of the Interior. 

As we celebrate our planet today, we must recognize that we are in an urgent fight for our future. 

Everyone in this country deserves clean water, air, and land, but for too long an unequal burden of pollution has fallen on communities of color and poor communities. 

For generations, we’ve put off the transition to clean energy and now we face a climate crisis.

It’s a crisis that doesn’t discriminate and it is putting everyone at risk. 

That’s why at Interior, we are working to address the climate crisis, restore balance on public lands and waters, advance environmental justice, and invest in a clean energy future.

But we all have a role to play in leaving this land better for future generations.

We must each commit to work every single day to take care of our earth.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!  

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland issued a call for action as the world celebrates Earth Day 2021, a global celebration encouraging environmental education, and stewardship of the planet's natural resources. The Secretary says Interior -- through all its Bureaus and Offices -- is working to address the climate crisis by restoring balance on public lands and waters, advancing environmental justice, and investing in a clean energy future.