Regional Director, West Region

Greg Powell

Greg Powell is the Regional Director of AVSO’s West Region. Before that, Greg was a Regional Supervisory Appraiser (RSA) for AVSO supervising Indian trust appraisals for four Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) regions of the southwest United States: Pacific, Western, Navajo, and Southwest. In that role, Greg had the privilege of interacting with  BIA realty professionals at both the regional and agency levels. He also interacted with realty staff from the many different Tribes, Indian communities, and Pueblos located across the Southwest. As RSA, Greg provided information and guidance to the BIA and others for complex appraisal questions related to the valuation of rights-of-way, commercial leases, and mineral valuations, among other topics.

Greg began his appraisal career in Lakewood, Colorado where he appraised farms, ranches, and specialty commercial agricultural properties across Colorado and Wyoming. In 2014, Greg worked as a Review Appraiser for the former Office of the Special Trustee-Office of Appraisal Services in Billings, Montana, and in 2016, he was selected as RSA for the Western Region in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to his work with the BIA, Greg has appraised and reviewed appraisals for the acquisition and disposal of lands for the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Greg has a BA in Elementary Education from Denver Baptist Bible College and an MBA from Colorado Christian University.