Associate Deputy Director, Office of Tribal Sovereignty

Eldred Lesansee

Eldred Lesansee is the Associate Deputy Director of AVSO’s Office of Tribal Sovereignty (OTS), managing and overseeing all matters related to Tribal appraisal programs operating under P.L. 93-638 Self-Determination (Title I) contracts and Self-Governance (Title IV) compacts.

Eldred is a leader and manager with 36 years of experience in the Federal Government in real property management and real estate appraisal that included serving as the Director of the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST), Office of Appraisal Services. 

Eldred has a degree in Business Studies (Real Estate and Trust and Real Property Management) from New Mexico State University and an excellent foundation of knowledge in Indian law, business law, water law, finance, real estate, real estate appraisal, and natural resources economics.

Major Accomplishments: eliminated long-standing appraisal backlog at the BIA, Great Plains Region; explored, designed, and implemented a plan to eliminate ongoing appraisal backlog at OST; implemented a risk management program for the Real Estate Appraisal Services program at OST; designed and developed an appraiser development program with an emphasis on hiring, training, and credentialing Native Americans for professional real estate appraisal; and participated on a three-member team of managers to successfully plan, design, and develop the infrastructure for appraisals supporting DOI’s acquisition of undivided fractional interests for the Cobell Settlement land consolidation project.