2021 Yukon River Salmon Summer Fishery Announcement #14 Summer Update # 5, Yukon Area Salmon Fishery

At this time, the majority, or at least three quarters, of the Chinook salmon run has entered the lower river and current projections are showing that the Canadian and drainagewide Chinook salmon runs are near or below the lower end of the forecast ranges. These run sizes are so small that escapement goals may not be met, and there will likely be no extra fish available for harvest.

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Very few summer chum salmon have entered the Yukon River. As of July 4, the cumulative Pilot Station sonar counts for summer chum salmon are the lowest on record for this date. Unless the 2021 summer chum run is the latest on record, we have reached the historic midpoint. The current run size projection for summer chum salmon is well below the 500,000 fish needed to meet the drainagewide escapement goal. 

Most escapement projects, particularly for summer chum salmon, are showing returns that are below average for this date. To protect the spawning escapements of Chinook and summer chum salmon, fishing will remain restricted in all areas of the Yukon River drainage at this time. 

The inseason salmon management teleconferences hosted by the Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Association are held every Tuesday, at 1:00 p.m. To participate, call (800) 315-6338, and enter code: YUKON# (98566#).  Assessment Projects  

All information is current through July 4.

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