The purpose of the weekly fisheries update is to provide the reader with an overall summary of the status of subsistence related fisheries throughout the state of Alaska. The target audience is the Federal Subsistence Board and its Staff Committee. The report was compiled with the assistance of the Federal in-season managers and OSM staff that provided weekly updated information by the close of business on Friday of the reporting week. My goal is to have the report sent by the close of business the following Monday. Web links have been included to provide additional information. You may obtain additional information on a fishery of particular interest by contacting the in-season manager, provided contacts, follow the provided web links, or contact me.

Last edited 06/29/2021
Contact Information

George Pappas

Office of Subsistence Management, USFWS

(907) 317-2165


Sitka and Hoonah Area – Justin Koller, Forest Service, Tongass National Forest Justin Koller, (907)747-4297

Herring – A commercial herring fishery occurred in Sitka Sound in 2021. Please see this summary of Sitka Sound herring 2021. Also, summary of southeast Alaska herring 2021.

Falls Lake - The Forest Service and the Organized Village of Kake operate the Falls Lake trap and video net weir which was operational as of June 25. No sockeye have been counted, they usually begin entering the lake around July 10. The final escapement estimate in 2020 was 800 Sockeye Salmon while the final subsistence and sport harvest in the marine terminal area was estimated to be 253. Subsistence harvest accounted for 96% of terminal area harvest.

View full report:  Fisheries Updates No 5 June 21-27-2021 [pdf]

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