Emergency Special Action No: 8-SS-01-21

EXPLANATION: This Emergency Special Action closes Federal public waters of the Chignik River drainage to the harvest of Sockeye Salmon except by Federally qualified subsistence users, beginning 12:01 am on July 8, 2021, through July 31, 2021. This action is necessary to ensure the conservation of healthy populations of Chignik River Sockeye Salmon and the continuation of subsistence uses. Sockeye Salmon may only be harvested by Federally qualified subsistence users who are residents of Chignik Bay, Chignik Lagoon, Chignik Lake, Ivanof Bay, or Perryville who are in possession of a Federal Subsistence Harvest Permit during this time.

Last edited 07/07/2021

Individuals should consult both State and Federal fishing regulations prior to fishing. A Federal subsistence harvest permit is required while using legal subsistence gear types to fish in Federal waters, and must be in the possession of the individual(s) operating the gear. Federal subsistence harvest permits are available at the Tribal Councils of Chignik Bay, Chignik Lagoon, Chignik Lake, and Perryville or by contacting the Federal in-season manager.

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