2021 Yukon River Salmon Fall Fishery Announcement # 7 Subdistricts 4-B and 4-C Subsistence Fishing Schedule

Districts Affected: Upper Yukon Area

The 2021 fall chum salmon run size is anticipated to be critically low. The fall chum salmon preseason projection, based on the relationship between summer chum salmon and fall chum salmon run sizes, is for a run size less than 300,000 fish. According to the Fall Chum Salmon Management Plan, the preseason projection does not meet the threshold of 300,000 fish needed to allow subsistence fishing. In addition, the current run projection is unlikely to meet the drainagewide escapement goal of 300,000-600,000 fall chum salmon, tributary escapement goals and Canadian treaty objectives. Therefore, subsistence salmon fishing will be closed to begin the fall season. Subsistence fishermen should prepare for continued closures.

Last edited 07/29/2021
Contact Information

Christy Gleason

Acting Area Management Biologist

(907) 949-1320

Toll free fishing schedule and counts:

(866) 479-7387

Consistent with transitioning to fall season management, the following management actions are in effect: Subdistricts 4-B and 4-C (Galena and Ruby)

This area will transition to fall season management at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 30, and remain closed to subsistence salmon fishing.

Gillnets of 4-inch or smaller mesh may be used during subsistence salmon fishing closures to target non-salmon. However, due to the conservation concern for Chinook and chum salmon, 4-inch or smaller mesh gillnets are restricted to a maximum length of 60-feet. Fishermen are reminded to use this gear in areas where non-salmon species are abundant to avoid incidentally harvesting Chinook and chum salmon.


Additionally, other legal gear to take non-salmon species during subsistence salmon fishing closures in this area includes hand line, longline, fyke net, dip net, jigging gear and spear.


The department would like to thank fishermen for their continued cooperation during these times of conservation for Chinook and chum salmon.

View full news release : http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/static/applications/dcfnewsrelease/1310048918.pdf

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