ESF #11 NCH wants to empower State, Local, and Tribal Governments, as well as cultural institutions and private citizens with the knowledge needed to begin responding to and recovering from a disaster that has impacted natural and cultural resources and historic properties. Whether applying for aid from FEMA, or just knowing what steps to take to preserve family documents, when individuals and institutions in order to help themselves, and how to effectively prepare, the likelihood of recovering successfully from a disaster increases

These links below will take you to sites from a variety of organizations which will help you take the first steps to prepare and respond to an emergency. We will be updating this list with more sites, so check back often for new tips, advice, and guidance.

Historic Preservation

ACHP - Citizen's Guide to Section 106 Review – A guide to help citizens understand and participate in the Section 106 process of the National Historic Preservation Act.

NTHP - Resources – The National Trust for Historic Preservation is one of the leading voices supporting preservation issues within the United States. This site links to questions about funding, case studies, and other topics related to historic preservation. Records (Papers, Photographs, etc.) Response and Recovery.

NARA - Disaster Response and Recovery – Links to various pages on saving family heirlooms, salvaging records, and finding products and services that can be used when responding to a disaster.

NARA - General Disaster Guidance and Information – Provides general guidance for institutions and agencies when responding to disasters.

NARA - Guidelines for Disasters– Offers guidelines for the care of some of the more common materials to be affected by an emergency.

NARA - Products and Services for Disaster Response – Links for conservation services, vendors, and suppliers who can assist in responding to a disaster.

Natural Resource Recovery

NOAA - Serving Communities – This site offers case studies, teaching information, and links to training for emergency responders from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Applying For Help & General Information

FEMA - Applicant's Guide to the Individuals and Households Program

FEMA - Application for Assistance– Provides links and information on how to apply for assistance from FEMA following a disaster.

FEMA - Disaster FAQ

Action Request Form – The FF 90-136 form that is used to request Federal assistance following a disaster.

Public Assistance Guide – Gives an overview of the entire disaster process.

FEMA - Emergency Planning Checklist – Guide for preparing an emergency plan.

Extension Disaster Education Network – Brings together educators from various disciplines and enables them to share resources to reduce the impact from a disaster.

Cultural Institutions

HP - Resources for Emergency Planning and Preparedness – Page containing information on preparing your cultural institution and collections for emergencies.