Nonprofit Sought to Coordinate U.S.A.’s 250th Anniversary Commemoration

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Date: November 15, 2017

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Department of the Interior issued a Request for Proposal seeking a nonprofit partner to serve as secretariat and administrator of the United States Semiquincentennial Commission. The commission was established by Congress last year to coordinate and facilitate activities in 2026 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of the United States. The nonprofit will raise funds for the commission’s work, prepare reports required by Congress, and provide administrative and financial support to the commission.

The commission, acting through the secretariat, will coordinate observances and activities related to the semiquincentennial, including special events, scholarly works, artistic displays, and historical exhibits. They will consult and cooperate with appropriate Federal agencies, State and local public bodies, learned societies, and historical, patriotic, philanthropic, civic, professional, and related organizations.

The 33-member commission is comprised of eight members of Congress, 16 private citizens, and nine non-voting ex officio federal officials. The commission is required by law to submit a comprehensive report to the president no later than July 22, 2018, that includes the specific recommendations for the commemoration of the 250th anniversary and related events.

The selected nonprofit organization, acting as secretariat for the commission, will perform duties which include:

  • Serving as the commission’s point of contact for all State, local, international and private sector initiatives regarding the Semiquincentennial of the founding of the United States, with the purpose of coordinating and facilitating all fitting and proper activities honoring the 250th anniversary of the founding of the United States.
  • Raising all funds required for the commission’s work. All expenditures of the commission shall be made solely from these donated funds.
  • Providing the commission financial and administrative services, including services related to budgeting, accounting and financial reporting, personnel, and procurement. Payments to provide these services shall be made in advance, or by reimbursement, from funds of the commission in such amounts as may be agreed on by the chairperson of the commission and the secretariat of the commission.
  • Housing the administrative offices of the commission. The administrative offices must be located in Washington, DC.
  • Organizing meetings for the commission. The Act states that all meetings shall be convened at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Preparing an annual report detailing the commission’s activities, including an accounting of funds received and expended during the year covered by the report. The commission must submit this report once each year during the period beginning July 22, 2016 and ending on December 31, 2027.

Further information regarding this opportunity and bid instructions are contained in the request for proposal informational document, available here. Questions about this request for proposal can be submitted to through November 28, 2017. NPS will provide responses to the submitted questions by December 1, 2017, and all proposals are due by December 29, 2017.

A panel will evaluate the proposals and provide a recommendation to the Secretary of the Interior, who will make the final selection.

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