Interior Department Announces $18.24 Billion in Fiscal Year 2023 Energy Revenue

Last edited 11/09/2023

Date: Thursday, November 9, 2023


WASHINGTON — Today, the Department of the Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) announced the disbursement of $18.24 billion in revenues generated in fiscal year 2023 from energy production on federal and Tribal lands and federal offshore areas. U.S. energy production under President Biden’s leadership has reached an all-time high on both public and private lands throughout the nation.

The disbursements provide funds for states and Tribes to pursue a variety of conservation and natural resource goals, including irrigation and hydropower projects, historic preservation initiatives, conservation of public lands and waters, and investments in maintenance for critical facilities and infrastructure on our public lands. 

The Department’s renewable energy programs yielded nearly $600 million in revenue and is making significant progress toward the President’s ambitious clean energy goals. President Biden’s Investing in America agenda is growing the American economy from the middle out and bottom up – from rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, to driving over $600 billion in private sector manufacturing and clean energy investments in the United States, to creating good paying jobs and building a clean energy economy that will combat the climate crisis and make our communities more resilient.  

This year, $1.43 billion was distributed to Tribes and individual Indian mineral owners; $3.46 billion to the Reclamation Fund; $1 billion to the Land and Water Conservation Fund; $150 million to the Historic Preservation Fund; $379 million to federal agencies; and $7.09 billion to the U.S. Treasury.

ONRR disbursed $4.72 billion in fiscal year 2023 funds to 33 states. This revenue was collected from oil, gas, renewable energy, and mineral production on federal lands within the states’ borders and offshore oil and gas tracts in federal waters adjacent to four Gulf of Mexico states’ shores.

The states receiving the highest disbursements based on those activities are: 

 New Mexico

 $2.93 billion


 $832.86 million


 $177.25 million    


 $153.24 million

 North Dakota   

 $132.66 million


 $123.91 million


 $108.27 million


 $52.58 million


 $52.49 million


 $49.12 million


 $44.81 million


 $36.18 million

The revenues disbursed to 33 federally recognized Tribes and approximately 31,000 individual Indian mineral owners represent 100 percent of the revenues received for energy and mineral production activities on Indian lands. Tribes use these revenues to develop infrastructure, provide health care and education, and support other critical community development programs, such as senior centers, public safety projects, and youth initiatives.

Since 1982, the Department has disbursed more than $371.3 billion in mineral leasing revenues. ONRR makes most of these disbursements monthly from the royalties, rents, and bonuses it collects from energy and mineral companies operating on federal lands and waters.

A complete list of states receiving revenues and FY 2023 disbursement data is available on the Natural Resources Revenue Data portal.


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