InHR Quarterly Newsletter - May 2020

My hope is that, despite these challenging times, you can utilize the many services, flexibilities, and entitlements the Department offers. In this newsletter we have provided details on DOI’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available to all our employees.

Additionally, I encourage all employees to visit the DOI COVID-19 Information Portal. Many offices contribute valuable content to this SharePoint site on topics related to human resources, health and safety, teleworking, first responders, Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and more. Employees do have to use their PIV card but do NOT have to VPN into the network.

If you have questions related to Human Resource flexibilities during COVID-19, please work with your servicing HR office and if they cannot answer your questions, they can quickly reach out to our office. I am so proud to work at such a wonderful agency that cares about our employees, has authorized the use of 20 hours per biweekly pay period for care-giving needs for teleworkers and authorized widespread telework to protect our safety and health. 

Thank you all for your service and those reporting to work during these challenging times.

Jennifer Ackerman
Director, Office of Human Capital
Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer

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