System of Award Management (SAM) Bulletin

The requirements for SAM (System of Award Management) registration have changed. You are only required to register in SAM if you enter into a contractual agreement with the Federal Government. PILT payment recipients (vendors) are not required to register in SAM even though electronic payment is the most cost-effective, convenient method of payment. We encourage you to register in SAM.

Existing Vendors (Local units of government that have previously received PILT payments)

If you are currently registered in SAM, you must update or renew your registration in the SAM website ( at least once a year to maintain an active status. Changes made in SAM will interface into our financial system so you can receive your PILT payment electronically.

If you are not registered in SAM all changes are done via the PILT Vendor Request form, which may be obtained by emailing  with “PILT Vendor Request” in the subject line. Please complete and return this form if you...

  • Have updates to banking information for electronic payment
  • Have updates to address information for issuance of a paper check

We will process the completed form so you can receive your PILT payment quickly. Please note that completion of an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Waiver Form is also required for paper checks and may be requested via the same process.

New Vendors (Local units of government that are receiving PILT payments for the first time)

If you are a new vendor (county, town, or other unit of local government), you can register for electronic payments directly through the SAM website:

If you are not going to register in SAM, please request a copy of the PILT Vendor Request form by emailing with “PILT Vendor Update” in the subject line. Return the completed form so we may issue your PILT payment quickly.

Contact Information

Should you have any questions or need to request a form, please contact:

Darcee Simpson 303-969-5658

If you have any general questions on the PILT program, please contact:
Dionna Kiernan at (202) 513-7783, email

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