The Department of the Interior (DOI) uses Tumblr, a non-government third party social networking application, to share information, promote public participation, and enhance communication with the public. Your use of the Tumblr application to communicate with DOI is voluntary, and through your interaction with DOI your personal information may become available. Generally, personal information is not actively collected by DOI; however, if you request information or submit feedback from interaction with DOI through use of Tumblr, your username, image, contact information, and other information may be used to communicate with you or provide the requested information. You are subject to Tumblr's privacy policy and terms of use during your interactions with DOI on Tumblr. Any comments, images or videos posted on DOI's official Tumblr page may be viewed by other users, and videos may be broadcast using an online streaming video application operated by a third party to facilitate communication and increase government transparency. The Department of the Interior will not share information provided with third parties for promotional purposes. Please review the DOI Privacy Policy for how information is handled: