The Interior Department's primary social media outlets

YouTube: USInterior - short videos and your comments

Instagram: USInterior - features your moment of zen with epic landscapes from America's public lands and cute wildlife Interior is helping to protect.

Tumblr: America's Great Outdoors - feature a daily photo from the places Interior is preserving for current and future generations to enjoy.

Livestream: USInterior - live video from the Department of the Interior

Twitter: @Interior - stay up to date on Department's work and learn about America's special places

Twitter: @SecretaryJewell - the official account of the Secretary of the Interior

Facebook: USInterior - highlights about Interior's work and why it's important + amazing photos

Flickr: USInterior - feature photos from Interior news events

Vine: Interior - 6 seconds of calm from America's public lands and funny wildlife videos

Snapchat: USInterior - snaps from national parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands

Steller: Interior - photos, video and text about America's special places

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DOI Social Media Initiatives

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