2005 News Archive

12/30/2005 Tom Weimer Sworn In as Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Policy, Management and Budget
12/22/2005 Interior Secretary Norton Signs Landmark Arizona Water Rights Settlements
12/20/2005 Norton Names Brent Wahlquist Acting Director of Office of Surface Mining
12/15/2005 Secretary Norton Announces Major Step Forward in Promoting Wind Energy Production on Public Lands
12/12/2005 Norton: ANWR Development Vital to the Nation
12/07/2005 President Signs Law Allowing Interior Agencies to Recruit More Volunteers
11/21/2005 Secretary Norton Applauds Senate Confirmation of P. Lynn Scarlett as Deputy Secretary of the Interior
11/18/2005 Secretary Norton Commends Congress For Legislation to Recruit Volunteers
11/18/2005 Norton Announces President Bush's Intent To Nominate David Longly Bernhardt as Solicitor
11/16/2005 Secretary Norton Announces Resignation of Craig Manson, Commends His Stewardship of Nation's Parks and Wildlife
11/16/2005 Federal Agencies Announce New Hydropower Rules to Ensure Consideration of Environmental and Economic Values
11/15/2005 Statement by Secretary of the Interior Gale A. Norton on Ruling by U.S. Court of Appeals on Indian Trust Litigation
11/15/2005 U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Proposes To Delist Greater Yellowstone Population Of Grizzly Bears
11/10/2005 Associate Deputy Secretary Declines to Acknowledge St. Francis/Sokoki Band of Abenaki as an Indian Tribe
11/09/2005 New Preserve America Communities Recognized for Commitment to Historic Preservation
11/02/2005 Norton Announces 56 States and Territories Have Submitted Wildlife Action Plans; Blueprint to Keep Species from Becoming Endangered
11/01/2005 Norton to Hold Press Briefing on Receipt of State Action Plans to Conserve Imperiled Wildlife
10/28/2005 BIA Special Agent Leonard Merriam Graduates From The FBI National Academy
10/28/2005 BIA Approves Extension of Comment Period for Oneida Indian Nation Land-Into-Trust Application
10/27/2005 Interior Secretary Norton Praises Designation of Ojito Wilderness Area
10/27/2005 Secretary Norton Names Rejane "Johnnie" Burton Acting Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Land and Minerals Management
10/26/2005 Efforts Underway to Study Bird Flu
10/26/2005 Interior Honors Environmental Achievement Award Winners
10/26/2005 Interior Secretary Norton to Testify Before Senate Committee Hurricane Recovery Hearing, Oct. 27
10/25/2005 Federal Agencies Agree to Improve Interagency Coordination of Oil and Gas Development on Public Lands
10/20/2005 Norton Recognizes Water 2025 Awards for Utah, Idaho Conservation Projects
10/19/2005 Secretary Norton Praises Senate Vote on ANWR
10/14/2005 Secretary Gale Norton Praises Leadership of Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management Rebecca Watson
10/13/2005 Interior Honors Nine Employees With Manuel Lujan, Jr., Champions Award
10/12/2005 Secretary Norton Praises Senator Santorum for Efforts to Restore Abandoned Mine Lands in Pennsylvania
10/12/2005 The Department of the Interior Issued Reconsidered Final Determination to Decline Federal Acknowledgment of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation
10/12/2005 The Department of the Interior Issued Reconsidered Final Determination to Decline Federal Acknowledgment of the Eastern Pequot Indians of Connecticut and the Paucatuck Eastern Pequot Indians of Connecticut
10/11/2005 United Nations Organization Votes to Include U.S. as Voting Member of World Heritage Committee
10/07/2005 Secretary Norton Applauds Senate for Confirmation of Dale Hall as U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director
10/05/2005 Statement by Secretary of the Interior Gale A. Norton on the Passing of Former Interior Secretary Stan Hathaway
10/04/2005 Interior Secretary Gale Norton Reports on Gulf of Mexico Energy Status
09/30/2005 Norton Applauds House Action to Remove "Critical Habitat" Designation Requirement from Endangered Species Act
09/30/2005 Secretary Norton Awards 2005 National Take Pride In America® Award Winners At Department Of Interior Ceremony
09/23/2005 Norton Commends Resources Committee On Passage Of "The Threatened And Endangered Species Recovery Act Of 2005"
09/23/2005 Assistant Secretary Scarlett Will "Lend a Hand" at Valley Forge for National Public Lands Day
09/23/2005 Federal, State Wildland Fire Experts jointly respond to Hurricanes
09/21/2005 Preserve America Presidential Awards Nominations Due November 1
09/20/2005 Interior Presents Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Program, Museum Exhibit Open to the Public
09/20/2005 New Progress Report Now Available on Individual Indian Monies Historical Accounting
09/16/2005 USGS Offers a Handbook with Vital Earthquake- Preparedness Tips to Bay Area Residents
09/14/2005 Celebrating America's Musical Heritage: Carl Sandburg's "The American Songbag"
09/14/2005 Secretary Norton Surveys Gulf Coast, Images of Katrina Aftermath at DOI.gov
09/14/2005 Assistant Secretary Watson Discusses Efforts to Meet America's Natural Gas Demand
09/14/2005 Secretary Norton Surveys Gulf Coast, Commends Recovery Effort
09/12/2005 Secretary of Interior Norton, Energy Secretary Bodman to Visit the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Plantation Pipeline
09/09/2005 Ragsdale Tours Mississippi Choctaw Reservation Impacted by Hurricane Katrina
09/07/2005 Interior Doubles Assistance Effort for Hurricane Katrina Recovery
09/02/2005 Interior Mobilizes Employees, Expertise, Equipment to Help Victims of Hurricane Katrina
09/01/2005 Cason Announces Initial BIA Response to Aid Tribal Victims of Hurricane Katrina
09/01/2005 MEDIA ADVISORY - Associate Deputy Secretary Cason to Visit Hopi Tribe September 1 as Tribe's Schools Achieve AYP for Second Consecutive Year
08/31/2005 Secretary Norton Praises President's Intention to Nominate Jeffrey Jarrett as DOE Assistant Secretary
08/26/2005 Joint Statement of Ross O. Swimmer, Special Trustee for American Indians, and W. Patrick Ragsdale, Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs, on the Death in Iraq of Former Cherokee Nation Marshall Mike Dawes
08/25/2005 Interior Secretary Norton Honors Cooperative Conservation Partnership at Nisqually River Watershed
08/25/2005 Interior to Promote Cooperative Conservation at White House Conference
08/25/2005 Parisian Announces Schedule for 2005 OIEP Tribal Consultation Meetings
08/24/2005 Interior Secretary Gale Norton to Honor Nisqually River Council
08/23/2005 Interior's National Business Center Selected as an HR Shared Service Center
08/22/2005 Chaney Named Head of BIA Law Enforcement
08/22/2005 Secretary Norton Appoints Colin C. Kippen to Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Review Committee
08/22/2005 Interior Department Seeks Public Comment on Outer Continental Shelf Energy Development
08/15/2005 2005 Take Pride In America® National Award Winners Announced
08/15/2005 Interior Leaders to Promote New Environmentalism at White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation
08/10/2005 Interior Department Awards $32 Million in Grants to Support Conservation Projects in 49 States
08/10/2005 DOI Partnership with ESRI and National Geographic will bring 3-D Geospatial Resources to a Global Audience
08/03/2005 Reform Efforts Improve Services for Indian Trust Beneficiaries Across Indian Country
08/03/2005 Assistant Secretary Watson Highlights Efforts to Meet America's Demand for Natural Gas
08/02/2005 Six Western States Awarded New Water 2025 Grants
07/29/2005 Statement by Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton on Passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2005
07/23/2005 Secretary Norton: Administration Proposal Protects Florida from New Oil and Gas Leasing
07/22/2005 Secretary Norton Praises Senate Confirmation of Mark A. Limbaugh as Assistant Secretary of the Interior
07/18/2005 Department Announces New Geospatial One-Stop Portal at National Association of Counties Conference
07/15/2005 Secretary Norton Praises President's Intention to Nominate H. Dale Hall as Director of the Fish and Wildlife Service
07/14/2005 Department of the Interior Celebrates "Diversity Days"
07/12/2005 Federal Drought Action Teams will Coordinate Drought Relief Assistance to Western States
06/23/2005 Associate Deputy Secretary Jim Cason Announces $1.4 million in Fire Recovery Funds for Crow Creek High School
06/23/2005 Secretary Norton Says State and Local Governments to Get More under Federal PILT Program
06/13/2005 Secretary Norton Names Pat Leahy Acting Director of the U.S. Geological Survey
06/10/2005 Interior Department Managers to Work with States, Counties, Tribes in Early Stages of Environmental Studies
06/09/2005 Secretary Gale Norton Praises Leadership of U.S. Geological Survey Director Dr. Charles Groat
06/03/2005 Secretary Norton Announces Designation of 37 New National Trails in 23 States
06/02/2005 Consumers and Artists Can File Complaints Online about Falsely Labeled "Indian-Made" Products
06/01/2005 Interior Museum Lecture Spotlights Oglala Chief Red Cloud
06/01/2005 Norton Appoints Dan B. Kimball as Superintendent of Everglades National Park
05/26/2005 Norton Presents Irvine Company and Nature Conservancy Partners in Stewardship Award for Work on Irvine Ranch
05/26/2005 Federal Agencies' Aerial resources are ready for 2005 Fire Season
05/25/2005 Secretary announces transfer of Pigeon Point Lighthouse to California State Parks
05/24/2005 Interior Secretary Gale Norton announces designation of first Take Pride in America school
05/18/2005 Interior Secretary, Puerto Rico Governor Appoint New Leadership to Board of Trustees of The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico
05/17/2005 Norton Signs Conservation Agreement with Mexico and Canada, Announces $3.9 Million in Grants for Migratory Bird Conservation
05/16/2005 Secretary Norton to Sign International Bird Conservation Initiative, Announce Grants to Help Conserve Migratory Birds
05/13/2005 National Council Promotes Strategies for War on Invasive Plants, Animals, Pathogens
05/13/2005 Good Sam Club National Cleanup Day Take Pride in America® to Join Tennessee Samboree in Effort
05/12/2005 Norton to Address Invasive Species Council Media Advisory
05/12/2005 Associate Deputy Secretary Jim Cason Announces Assistance to the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe for Fire Damage Recovery
05/10/2005 Secretary Norton Praises President's Intention to Nominate Mark A. Limbaugh as Assistant Secretary of the Interior
5/10/2005 Members of Congress, Family and Friends Gather for Opening Ceremony of Exhibit at Interior Department Honoring Udall "Voices for the Environment"
05/05/2005 Secretary Norton Awards $9.9 Million in Grants for Water Conservation Projects in the West
05/04/2005 BIA Director Ragsdale to Deliver Keynote Address at May 5 Indian Country Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial Event
05/02/2005 2005 Preserve America Presidential Awards Presented
05/02/2005 Norton Decides to Maintain Level of Colorado River Water Releases at Lake Powell for Now
05/02/2005 Secretary Norton Praises President's Intention to Nominate Tom Weimer as Assistant Secretary of the Interior
05/02/2005 The Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST) Opens Nationwide Trust Beneficiary Call Center
04/28/2005 BIA Special Agent Selanhongva McDonald Graduates from FBI National Academy
04/28/2005 OIEP Publishes Final Rule to Implement the No Child Left Behind Act in BIA Schools
04/28/2005 BIA 7th Annual Great Plains Tribal/Federal Economic Development Summit to be held May 9-12
04/28/2005 Once-thought Extinct Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Rediscovered in Arkansas
04/26/2005 Secretary Norton Announces New Owners for More Lighthouses Under Popular Program
04/25/2005 Amy Hall, Hannahville FACE Educator and 2005 Toyota Family Literacy Teacher of the Year, Honored at NCFL National Conference
04/21/2005 Statement by Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton
04/18/2005 Interior Secretary Norton Celebrates Cooperative Conservation in Advance of Earth Day 2005
04/15/2005 Assistant Secretary Manson Meets with Officials from Argentina to Discuss Cooperative International Conservation Efforts
04/12/2005 U.S. Court of Appeals Grants Emergency Stay to Interior, Sets Hearing Schedule in Indian Trust Case
04/12/2005 Norton Commends National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Wal-Mart for Landmark Partnership to Protect Wildlife Habitat
04/11/2005 Norton to Join National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Wal-Mart at Announcement of Landmark Habitat Conservation Partnership
04/09/2005 Take Pride in America®, Dept. of the Interior Staff Lend a Hand to Capital River Relief 2005
04/07/2005 2005 White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation
04/07/2005 Interior Department Highlights Partnerships and Land Transfer for Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
04/04/2005 Interior, Lower Colorado Basin Leaders Launch 50-year, $626 Million Wildlife Conservation Program
04/01/2005 Norton, Lower Colorado Basin Leaders to Sign Unprecedented Wildlife Conservation Pact
03/30/2005 Secretary Norton Rejects Golden Hill Paugussett Appeal
03/25/2005 Eleanor Roosevelt and Val-Kill Industries Opens at the Interior Museum
03/23/2005 Indian Health Service and Bureau of Indian Affairs Responding to Red Lake Reservation Tragedy
03/16/2005 Norton Names Matt Hogan Acting Director of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
03/16/2005 Statement by Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton
03/16/2005 Statement by US Geological Survey Director Chip Groat
03/16/2005 OSM will propose new revegetation rule to encourage species diversity and remove barriers to reforestation on mined lands
03/16/2005 New Rule Change to Give States, Counties and Tribes Active Role in Land-use Planning Decisions
03/14/2005 Secretary Norton Applauds House Passage of Dept. of Interior Volunteer Act
03/10/2005 Secretary Gale Norton Praises Accomplishments of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Steve Williams
03/10/2005 Statement by Secretary of the Interior Gale A. Norton
03/09/2005 Secretary Norton to Discuss Last Weekend's Visit to ANWR's 1002 Area
03/09/2005 Chickasaw Astronaut John Herrington to Give Keynote Address at BIA FACE and Baby FACE National Training Conference
03/07/2005 Interior Restructures Office of Hearings and Appeals To Focus on Indian Probate Cases
03/03/2005 Norton Commends Progress in Protecting Imperiled Coral Reef Ecosystems
03/02/2005 Secretary Norton to Address Biannual Meeting of U.S. Coral Reef Task Force
02/26/2005 Secretary Norton Applauds Technological Advances at Dedication of World's Largest Offshore Oil Platform
02/25/2005 Secretary Norton to Help Dedicate World's Largest Floating Offshore Oil Platform
02/24/2005 Assistant Secretary Watson Says Federal Energy Program Reflects Strict Environmental Protection
02/09/2005 President Bush Reinforces Commitment to Cooperative Conservation in 2006 Budget
02/08/2005 Secretary Norton Praises President's Intention to Nominate P. Lynn Scarlett as Deputy Secretary
02/08/2005 Interior, Agriculture, Commerce and EPA Officials to Hold Press Conference To Discuss Cooperative Conservation Funding in President's Budget
02/07/2005 Assistant Secretary Announces W. Patrick Ragsdale As New Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
02/07/2005 Anderson Announces Initiative With GSA to Help Tribes Utilize E-Buy for Online Procurement
02/07/2005 Trust and Detention Facilities See Increases Under BIA Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Request
02/07/2005 FY 2006 Interior Budget Emphasizes Commitments, Cooperative Efforts, Performance and Fiscal Restraint
02/04/2005 Bush Administration Pushes Renewable Energy Development on Public Lands
02/04/2005 President Bush Proposes Increase in USGS Landsat 7 Funding for FY 2006
02/03/2005 Anderson to Attend Boys & Girls Clubs of America 2005 Native American Summit
02/03/2005 Bush Administration Proposes Increased Funding for FY 2006 to Maintain and Restore Forest and Rangeland Health
02/03/2005 President's Budget Reaffirms Commitment to Klamath Basin
02/03/2005 Secretary of the Interior Norton Presents Conservation Award to Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources and Colorado Farm Bureau
02/03/2005 Norton to Discuss FY 2006 Budget
02/2/2005 Secretary of the Interior Norton Presents Awards for Outstanding Service and Valor at 62nd Honor Awards Ceremony
02/02/2005 Secretary of Interior Norton Confers Special Awards for Cooperative Conservation
02/01/2005 Nasa Joins the National Invasive Species Council
01/31/2005 Connecting with America's Remarkable Journey
01/31/2005 Geospatial One-Stop Project Awards Portal Contract
01/31/2005 BIA is Among Major Sponsors of RES 2005 "Helping tribes create a path to prosperity"
01/31/2005 Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Dave Anderson Announces His Decision to Resign and Resume His Entrepreneur Career
01/28/2005 Norton Stresses Cooperative, Pro-Western Initiatives for Water, Endangered Species
01/28/2005 US Fish and Wildlife Service to Hold Press Teleconference on Status of Preble's Jumping Mouse Under Endangered Species Act
01/27/2005 Secretary Norton to Speak on Administration Initiatives for Western Water, Endangered Species
01/26/2005 Interior Department Signs Agreement with Utah to Improve Air Quality
01/13/2005 Assistant Secretary Scarlett Presents Coastal America Designation to North Carolina Aquarium
01/06/2005 Inauguration: An Evolving Tradition Exhibit Opens at Interior Museum
01/03/2005 New U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regulation Allows Maximum Management of Gray Wolves For the States of Montana and Idaho

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